Looking back at 2014 and forecasting 2015

- With almost 50 new customers, Pentalog has made 2014 a year of record! That represents nearly 80% growth YoY totalizing 5M€ in new contracts. Good we have had them after the collapse of our largest customer oepration, a multinational company generating 5M€ yearly revenue for Pentalog! I cannot do without warmly thanking our sales team. Imagine that without this large customers dying out, we could have generated a 20% organic gowth. So what? We will just do better next year. Thanks again Sophie and the sales guys. You simply and modestly did great.

- But I also want to congratulate all our project directors, project leaders and delivery center managers. They played 2014 at champions league level. Never before had we opened so many projects simultaneously. Everybody has learned something this year. Well

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How does digital transformation impact the companies’ strategy?

Almost all SMEs directors agree that the companies’ digital transformation has become crucial. Reality shows however that SMEs act as rabbits in front of a truck: they freeze!

When McKinsey’s research on acceleration towards digital maturity shows a 20% reduction in the number of operations for the companies that did not manage to adapt to digitization and an increase by 40% for those that did, it’s more than obvious that choosing sides becomes the no. 1 priority.

Whom to transform for?

The common mistake is not to ask when, because everybody has already understood it has to be immediately, but to say: “Quick, I need a website, a shop, we need a Facebook page, etc.”. The term “digital” can be very confusing in this transformation message. What we have to do is organize a

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Cloud computing and digital transformation

For almost 10 years now, Cloud Computing has become a common word for all the people working in the IT industry. Looking back at the growth this activity has registered, we can surely confirm its progress. Nevertheless, the Eldorado promised by analysts is most certainly not here yet. What are the main restraints? What about perspectives?

Forced outsourcing

Rarely in the IT outsourcing history has an operation been so “forced” as Cloud Computing. Cost reduction, shadow IT decrease, robustness, pay for use, reinforced security… All the arguments were in favor of a massive participation, minus the market. This didn’t work for many reasons, making the Big Bang impossible. The instinctual reaction is: “If you force me, I counter”. And the inevitable question is why change an IT world that already works? Only when the

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Meet Pentalog at #CES2015 in Las Vegas

Meet Pentalog’s VP of US Operations Chris Hote in Las Vegas, January 6-9 2015!

The International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the world’s annual event in innovation for consumer IT and smart devices with over 160,000 attendees and almost 4,000 exhibitors from 140 countries.

After a year of strong growth in North America, Pentalog has gained deep experience in providing IT outsourcing services to mobile solution providers in general, IoT and smart object specialists. Our IT experts have worked on the development of solutions for drones, e-learning platforms, genotype industry and more. And with the creation of its nearshore facilities in South America allowing to reduce timeshift for our collaborations with North American companies, we are more ready than ever to get involved in exciting new IT engineering projects!

Several Pentalog clients

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Getting in touch with the Berlin startup scene

Pentalog Group CEO @FredLasnier together with Pentalabbs CEO @EricGouin will be visiting Berlin in January to meet the local digital startup ecosystem.

Pentalog has been delivering IT services to over 100 digital start-ups and grown-ups across Europe and North America so far and has experienced rapid expansion on its own, fostering a growth mindset and entrepreneurship spirit among employees and partners. So, targeting startups is  a logical business development strategy fully matching the company’s vision. And Germany is a very important business partner for the group (accounting for 20% of global sales), the country enjoying a brilliant track-record in creating and growing top-of-the-edge businesses in e-commerce, e-health, software, digital services and many more.

Pentalog is therefore planning to establish direct presence in Berlin, at the very heart of Germany’s young tech community. A Penta-guy

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The hottest mobile trends unveiled at the iOSNeXT 2014 conference

Here’s an article originally written by Maxim Guzun, mobile consultant at Pentalog Institute.

Several weeks ago, Cluj hosted one of the most anticipated events in the mobile community:  iOSNeXT.

The first day was dedicated to the most important topic, namely user experience (UX). Eric Reiss, a celebrity of the IT world, was one of the speakers. Thanks to him, I found out what the UX concept means in general, and not only in terms of mobile applications. Highly experienced in this field, Eric impressed us with the adopted methods and applied techniques targeted at developing and improving UX. This approach made me look differently at software development projects from the user’s/consumer’s point of view. Including for current projects, it would be best to establish a brainstorming session with my colleagues to figure out

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2014 renewal of our ISO 9001 certification: many strong points and 5 improvement suggestions

Following the two-week-long audit conducted by Afnor in our Brasov, Iasi and Chisinau delivery centers, Mrs. Hudea, our new auditor, recommends the renewal of our ISO 9001:2008 certification with many strong points and 5 improvement suggestions.

This third cycle of audits (Pentalog has been ISO 9001 certified since December 2008) has confirmed the good implementation and continuous improvement of our practices at all company levels: software development and maintenance, technical assistance and consulting, IT facilities management, business process outsourcing, recruitment, but also at sales, company and human resources management level (training, knowledge and know-how sharing), availability of infrastructures, client listening and satisfaction measuring, as well as other support processes.

This year, the audit focused more on seeking improvement suggestions allowing us to define our position towards the requirements of the next version of the ISO

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Solutions Connect Day

On the occasion of the Solutions Connect event this fall, IBM presented the situation and trends of a fast developing market. I have already tackled these trends in a former article (The new SMAC!), reflections that have been confirmed on this Solutions Connect day. This new article is about maintaining the SMACS by adding the Security dimension to Social-Mobile-Analytics-Cloud.

Conference choice

It is always difficult to decide what conference to attend when having to choose from among 7 different fields. My choices were as follows:

  • Social Business: Why adopt a social and digital strategy for your company?
  • Big Data: Identifying fraud actions in an ocean of data. Where to start from?
  • Mobile: How will the Internet of Things revolutionise company business?
  • Cloud: Open Cloud Bluemix, the fast evolving PaaS.
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To what extent is cybersecurity necessary?

In a digital transformation era, professional and even personal data is more than ever part of a company’s assets. Data must also benefit from a protection tailored in line with its value. In terms of corporate governance, directors are on the front line as this data represents a company asset that they are directly and legally responsible for. But are they aware of cybersecurity? Are they really conscious of its value, their responsibilities and the bulwark of protection to implement as a response to bad practices and attacks?

An adapted behaviour

This is not another demonstration on how indispensable cyberprotection is to the survival of companies. Or better yet that before deploying hardware equipment, it is mandatory to raise awareness among directors, intermediate managers and collaborators to best practices in the business. Cybersecurity specialists like

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Internet of Things: 100 Pentalog engineers involved daily in smart object and M2M projects

While recently discussing with Mickael Hiver, we have realized that the number of Pentaguys working on systems involving one or various connected objects is skyrocketing. From energy, cleantech and health to automation, digital leisure or security, there’s nothing we cannot do! Whether the focus lies on BtoC models (IoT) or on BtoB models and M2M, I want to insist on Pentalog’s increased contribution to the global digiwar. This first article is a pitch but it will be followed by many others, either by me or other consultants, which will contain many more technical and business details. For the time being, I will sum up our activities in a much debated sector.

Energy, cleantech, BtoB markets – (our projects are predominantly M2M rather than IoT projects)
Staff: 60 engineers

In 2005, Pentalog

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“Agile” contracts

The vast majority of the Pentalog projects are developed in an Agile mode, which always raises the same issue: adapting the contractual framework to the new Agile context. This issue is even more difficult in the case of fixed-price contracts. This article aims to present certain possible solutions that are generally a good compromise for all parties.

Contracts are meant to cover, among others, the moments when there is no communication whatsoever between the two parties. They reflect our hopes and fears, and each party tries to build protection walls that will most likely come in handy in case of dispute. However, what these walls do is ultimately reduce the created value and can be a real problem on the long term, especially in a world where only businesses that maximize value will survive.

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Pentalog Institute QA CAMP – a Common Successful Result!

“Waw : )”, “I’ve learnt more during one day in comparison with one year“

These are just some of the impressions of the participants of the cross-agency Quality Assurance (QA) CAMP held on 3-4 October in Chisinau !

Indeed, the QA CAMP 2014, the 5th Edition (CHI) is a strong one, following the QA camp events organized starting from 2011. This time, 15 participants from Brasov, Iasi and Chisinau joined the QA professional meeting.

The endorsed objectives of this event are:

  • Upgrade the competence – as a professional – I would like to know and share the best practices and knowledge;
  • Create Networking – we are a QA Team;
  • Upgrade the public communication skills.

From Executors to Consultant: striving for excellence in our skills and knowledge!
Friday evening: we started our CAMP activities with a

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