Greetings from the Black Sea, PentaStock2015

“By the time you receive this card, Pentastock will have already ended. We arrived safe and sound to the Black Sea (the great relocation) and we’re sending you our best regards from the seaside, where everything is out of this world! We have already set up our tents and the vacation village is rather blue and orange, a clear sign that Pentalog is around. The greatest teambuilding since the group’s founding (15 years in Romania, 10 in Moldova, respectively) is about to begin. And right after…let’s get this party started! Best wishes, we, the Pentalog team.”

If we were still in the ‘90s, this is how I imagine a PentaStock2015 greeting card sent from the Black Sea on 23-24 May would sound like. Luckily for us, we enjoyed all of today’s modern ways of “sending

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It’s been 3 months since we’ve started our adventure in Berlin. In this short period of time I’ve observed and participated in a ton of events, meet-ups, conferences and other various activities around start-ups and innovation topics. But what impressed me most was BerlinWebWeek. I went to multiple events, wishing I had been able to attend them all.

BerlinWebWeek opened at a cult-place for Berlin start-ups – Saint Oberholz café – with a noisy meet-up organized by Silicon Allee. After 2 hours of intensive networking, I headed for the Re:publica conference – a huge ground for sharing ideas and discussing the future of the digital society. I ended this day with an e-commerce networking night organized by Händlerbund @Betahaus – another cult-place for start-ups and freelancers.
Junge IKT Congress impressed me by its organization

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Save the date: Agilizza event – Boston CIC on 5/19

Here is the agenda for the Agilizza event, the first event in Boston to tackle specific Agile-related challenges with pragmatic advises.

This event hosted by Pentalog (Chris Hote) will take place in CIC’s 5th floor Havana Conference Room, on 5/19/2015 from 5p to 7p.

3 speakers, Q&A session, networking, complimentary refreshment and pizza:

  1. Do agile data in just 5 shocking steps! by Gil Benghiat, Founder at DataKitchen
  2. How to deploy Agile across the whole organization? by Dejan Duzevik, CTO at Concentric
  3. 3 Key Points when focusing on agile in regulated industries (e.g. medical devices)
    by Marty Bakal

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Pentalog in Berlin: next steps

After Pentalog decided to take a closer look at growth opportunities in Berlin, our dedicated business team (@Sophie, @Serghei and @Eric) spent some time in the German capital city since January.

Their feedback about the local dynamism, tech atmosphere and entrepreneurial spirit is extremely positive.

Pentalabbs is definitely going to include Berlin in this year’s priorities to identify and set up collaborations with new startups. The next steps will be taking part in upcoming events to meet lots of people!

Please, contact Serghei to discuss any opportunities and potential synergies to be considered between Pentalog, Pentalabbs and local businesses. You will most probably meet him in Betahaus, his current headquarters .

He is looking for a local partner to help him in business development.

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2015 mobile apps and IoT trends

Spring is upon us, and the 2015 mobile trends are changing how we connect and do business. Mobile phones are bigger, used more and are integrated in to all facets of our lives. Wearable technology is hitting the mainstream, and will have an impact throughout the rest of the year.

Most new mobile phones released to the Canadian Market (Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony…) have screens that are larger than 4.5 inches/11.5cm. This translates to users spending more time on these devices and their tablets and less time on computers. In turn mobile consumers are doing more and more of their online business through applications on their phones; this provides both an opportunity and a dilemma. This trend presents an issue for companies seeking to engage their clients through native apps and browser friendly versions of

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Guépard workshop: 2014 achievements and 2015 alignment


For Pentalog, 2014 was a very productive year, full of dynamism and filled with challenges. In my opinion, the launching of the Guépard agility program was one of the last year’s most important decisions. The resulting processes have a complex positive impact based on: 

  • Agile trainings,
  • individual coaching,
  • team coaching at different project stages,
  • other activities our colleagues are involved in.

In January 2015 we organized a workshop dedicated to this agility program. It was aimed at reviewing the actions of the previous year, refining the plan for the current year, as well as creating, together with the participants to the workshop, a strong Agile team full of energy able to sustain the agile transition.


For a more complete picture of how things were going at that particular stage of the program, Aleth

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Pentalog acquires a stake in Soluti to extend its offer in the Rhône Valley

Pentalog has been Soluti’s reference partner since day one. The WebTech agency has entrusted us with front end, back end and mobile coding operations for their clients. 10 Pentaloguians are already working full-time for developing our partner’s operations on a daily basis.

Alexander Vallin, the founder of Soluti, and I know and appreciate each other since a long time ago. Our decision to extend Pentalog’s offer in the Rhône-Alpes region was thus a natural outcome. The 3 brands and service lines offered by the Pentalog Group can now be further deployed by Alexandre and his team:

Pentalog Institute, the Group’s IT consulting and digital strategy department, offers solutions to support and finance innovation (fundraising + public schemes).

Pentalabbs, our startup incubator and accelerator.

- Pentalog, specialized in application

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Offshore Nearshore: the euro’s fall below $1.10 prompts East-European offshore companies to export outside Europe

Given the euro’s current price and as long as it continues to drop, most offshore IT service companies established in a EU country, whether they are members of the eurozone or not, will most likely tend to offer their services outside the EU. Although this may not have any consequences whatsoever on intra-EU relations, there are some exceptions to the rule. For the United Kingdom, for instance, the fall of the European currency brings commercial opportunities with it.

The relationship between the euro and the currencies of the former Eastern Bloc countries has been stable in the last period

In fact, the euro’s fall against the dollar has not affected at all its relationship with the currencies of the former Eastern Bloc countries. There are two reasons for this situation. First of all, after these

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Meet Pentalabbs at #SCB15 in Berlin – March 13/14

Startup Camp brings together founders, entrepreneurs, investors, and students from all around the world. It is the largest early stage startup event in Berlin. This two-day conference with national and international speakers includes workshops and a pitch marathon with the mission to help founders start smarter and grow faster.

We recently announced our coming on the Berlin startup scene. Our first local presentation will be on Startup Camp. On Saturday 14th March 4:30 pm I will present Pentalabbs’ global “Services for equity” offer.

We will seize this opportunity to go and visit further co-working spaces and to meet startups. We are eager to discuss our #DIGIWAR concept with potentially interested start-ups and at any related networking events. We believe Digitization is a global war!

Interested in learning more about our references,

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With Euro falling vs Dollar, is it the right time to invest in South America for Pentalog?

While Euro was reaching tops some years ago I wrote a lot on the impacts of those variations on every layer of the software outsourcing and consulting economy: the coder, the customer and the ITO company. With the Euro now experiencing some of its lowest levels (1.12 for 1 Euro last Friday) the same topic is up raising again with proportionally but inverse consequences on the ITO geopolitics. But currencies are not the only one to move. Pentalog has changed a lot too since we opened our first facility in Vietnam to strengthen our Romanian and Moldovan Units and under the influence of our fast growing sales operations in the US.

Pentalog US sales have progressed so fast that they weight already 2 times more in our turnover than Germany and could even catch up

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Pentalog’s agility program: 2014 achievements and perspectives


As you might have read on our blog, “Guépard” is the name of Pentalog’s agility program that started in July 2014. I’m pretty much sure that everybody is curious to find out what Guépard offered us last year.

This transition process focused on 4 dimensions:

  • Trainings
  • Coaching
  • Knowledge sharing and camps organized by Pentalog Institute
  • Alignment of internal processes


In 2014, the Agile, Scrum and Kanban trainings represented an important part of the program. How did they help us? Thanks to them, we were able to align with the Agile objectives, values and thinking. Moreover, we learned together how to better use the Scrum and Kanban frameworks to reach our goals.

For the entire period of the program, we designed a plan for almost 1500 training man days on topics

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Looking back at 2014 and forecasting 2015

- With almost 50 new customers, Pentalog has made 2014 a year of record! That represents nearly 80% growth YoY totalizing 5M€ in new contracts. Good we have had them after the collapse of our largest customer oepration, a multinational company generating 5M€ yearly revenue for Pentalog! I cannot do without warmly thanking our sales team. Imagine that without this large customers dying out, we could have generated a 20% organic gowth. So what? We will just do better next year. Thanks again Sophie and the sales guys. You simply and modestly did great.

- But I also want to congratulate all our project directors, project leaders and delivery center managers. They played 2014 at champions league level. Never before had we opened so many projects simultaneously. Everybody has learned something this year. Well

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