Digitization: a global war (Pentalog strategy)

After 8 months of personal involvement in downtown Cambridge, at a stone’s throw away from MIT, in one of the biggest startup incubators in the world, and after having passionate conversations with entrepreneurs from ten countries, 7 days a week, I would like to draw my conclusions on the unprecedented movement of digitalization that is shaking up the world and might as well make investors lose their minds, deeply disturb governments and ruin industrial empires that seemed untouchable some years ago. How reassuring it would be to think that there is a financial bubble behind all this! As there’s no such thing, let’s better guess what Pentalog strategy could take advantage of all this in a context that I find quite violent.

Small context reminders: as Nicolas Colin and the other associates of The Family

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Support message to Ukrainian IT companies

Message to all Ukrainian IT companies: I propose to help you passing those tragic days by taking over some loads, some of your coding or infrastructure management operations for you, until this crisis has come to an end. I give my word you will take them back as soon as possible. This is not about taking advantage of this situation, it is about helping you maintaining high quality service provision for your clients and eventually getting through this with the least possible damage for your business. We admire what your people are doing. Digital World is about freedom! The force is with you!

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20 years of personal adventures for all Pentaloguians

Pentalog celebrated its 20th birthday in November 2013.

We’ve invested 6 times in different startups, enabled 40 of our employees to become shareholders and appointed 2 Pentaloguians as CTOs (Chief Technology Officers) of the startups we financially support; so I couldn’t help but ask myself if Pentalog still represents an adventure worth living.

To start with, what is the relationship between the 1993 Pentaloguian adventure and the 2014 one? Have we managed to preserve the grain of folly that animated us at the very beginning? The 5 first Pentaloguians were convinced they held the truth about both the bing bang and the virginal conception of Jesus. They used to sleep at the office, work in any conditions, 18 hours per day, 7 days a week and without being paid. We

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Pentalog sets up a branch office in Vancouver, Canada: Pentalog North Pacific

Thanks to Facebook, Pentalog’s future destination on the globe is Vancouver!

When I met Slava face to face for the first time in Montreal last September, we had actually known each other for more than 2 years. At that time, I didn’t know much about him as he was hiding himself behind a funny Facebook pseudonym.

In fact, without my Facebook community of Moldovan friends, whom I greet here, Slava and I would have never had the chance to know each other.

Slava’s kind comments on my posts soon revealed his good intentions, and one day he expressed, in a private message, his interest in our business model as well as his wish to join our company by setting up a Pentalog local unit.

It was on the occasion of one of my business trips

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2013 Year in review

I think it’s high time we had a brief transparent 2013 overview in a plain language.

The consultancy and outsourcing services in digital strategy

As anticipated, 2013 has been a very difficult year. I will no longer insist on the issues we have already debated in January and February. Two weak points would be the activity of the Pentalog-Ausy joint venture – whose sales department is not managed by us and whose most important contract registered a 75% loss (although we had equally signed a contract with the global semiconductor sales leader) – and the one of Pentalog Germany, which registered a less predictable slowdown.

Nevertheless, these two counter-performances have been magnificently absorbed by the French and US markets. The former alone has brought us a 20% growth increase during a gloomy year and

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How technology breeds innovation in the educational systems: Socrative

It is well known that a good education is a main pillar for the future of any society. Moreover, redesigning the educational systems around innovation and entrepreneurship could prove to be a long-term solution which will get us out of the difficult economical situation that most of the countries are facing. The story that I will share with you today is exactly about these three magic words: innovation, education and start-ups. And this is how it goes.

What if teachers worldwide would have a very intuitive tool that helps them take a snapshot of the students’ performance? What if this is made by using technology like tablets or smartphones which are accessible to everyone nowadays? What if this tool was created by creative thinkers who are passionate about education and want to deliver the best

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Pentalog is the world’s no.1 startup incubator!

When reading the article headline I’m pretty much sure most of you will be thinking that Boston and its lobsters swept me off my feet and consider me a day dreamer who would better return to his Château des Hauts in France before losing his marbles. But I will stick to my guns writing this article. I will nevertheless not go further than this as other companies must probably have taken the same path and exceeded our operations in volume. I really have been thinking it through and discussing with specialists: over the years, Pentalog has become the world’s no. 1 startup incubator! And I am just about to tell you why. One of Boston’s finest experts in charge of conducting one of the world’s biggest startup competitions shares my view, as well as

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ISO: we maintain our certification but with 2 observations

Following the audits conducted in our Orléans headquarters, and Brasov and Sibiu delivery centers, the Afnor auditors confirm our ISO certification!
The audit allowed them to identify many strong points, which highlight:

  • a rich prospecting and customer-focused system based on a rather exhaustive process that is constantly evolving,
  • high level activities regarding recruitment, collaborator integration and training, which is seldom a characteristic of other companies,
  • diverse and evolving tools implemented to support our processes,
  • real and visible activities of continuous improvement, which allow us to achieve better results with less effort.

But this year 2 observations have also been raised for the first time. They highlight some gaps we had already found during the internal audits and to which the auditors wanted to draw our attention:

  • the first one concerns the lack
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S€PA as of February 2014: Are you ready for change?

Believe it or not, recent studies show most SMEs have never heard about SEPA! This clearly indicates how little has been said about this topic, not to mention the obvious lack of concern of some companies. But what makes them so resistant to change? This project is remarkable from so many points of view and brings real progress at both technical and functional level.

What does SEPA mean?

SEPA (“Single Euro Payments Area”) is a European project dedicated to the changeover to euro coins and banknotes. The main purpose is to homogenize the means of payment in the Euro Area: the same protocols and formats.

As of February 1, 2014, this new format – available since 2008 and based on EBICS (IP protocol using XML messages through the HTTPS standard) protocols

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Audio Integration and Audio Customer Support in Mobile World: What does it Mean?

Our colleagues from Audio team would like to share an overview of their activity. Thank you Florin, Vasile, Alex and Stefan for this piece.

Being part of multimedia audio team for mobile platforms, we can say that the most important goal is to ensure the quality of service (QoS) as our work is in the hands of many mobile station users. With medium, low cost and ultra low cost devices, where the budget is low, the audio experience and the quality of sound are vital to prove the QoS. Even if the target is in the low cost and ultra low cost market, the audio development efforts are  comparable with the efforts done during the development of high end mobile terminals (smartphones).

The main responsibility of our team is to solve issues in our

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How Agile and Kanban methods favor re-insourcing and offshoring and turn traditional IT services companies into transit areas for new market entrants

After having recently met the President of Syntec (French Federation of Consulting Engineering Firms), I cannot stop thinking about the continuous drop in revenues registered by the traditional IT services companies, also confirmed by a drop in their sales figure. This is particularly surprising in the context of the high pressure exerted by digital innovation at international level. Both software editors and human resources are overbooked in most countries worldwide. Nevertheless, the underlying causes are deeper than they first appear.

I have also noted, among other things, how the generalization of Agile methods can profoundly change the client-provider relationships in software or web development activities. Working closely with
software publishers and web companies in particular, Pentalog has already engaged on this path for several years now.

Whoever has implemented or monitored the Agile projects

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Ihre Termine sind sicher – auch im Nearshoring

Sie haben sich bereits prinzipiell dafür entschieden, Ihre Projekte auszulagern und z.B. in Rumänien entwickeln zu lassen, um auf hervorragend ausgebildete rumänische Software-Entwickler zurückgreifen zu können in Kombination mit einem eindeutigen Kostenvorteil gegenüber Deutschland. Fragen Sie sich nun, bevor Sie diesen Schritt endgültig gehen, ob Ihre Meilensteine auch mit Sicherheit gehalten werden, denn Sie haben von einer höheren Fluktuation in Rumänien und Moldawien im Vergleich zu Deutschland gehört?

Wie meistens im Leben kommt es darauf an, vorausschauend zu planen. Wenn man folgende Punkte bei der Projektdurchführung berücksichtigt, unterscheidet sich die Planungssicherheit nicht von Projekten, die in Deutschland durchgeführt werden. Pentalog unterhält nicht ohne Grund Niederlassungen in 5 rumänischen Städten und einem moldawischen Standort. Die örtlichen Gegebenheiten unterscheiden sich und Pentalog ist stolz darauf, Sie bei der Wahl des für Sie am besten geeigneten Standortes

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