The amazing experience of a hackathon

Since the first use of this concept to the day, hackathons have provided a really powerful vehicle for getting new people into the tech world. They are the perfect opportunity to dive in and learn a ton. It doesn’t matter how basic or advanced your skills are, a hackathon will always be a great place to learn something new.

Still having a hard time believing in all the advantages a hackathon brings? Here’s what people who took part in such events think:

A hackathon is an ideal opportunity for enthusiasts that would like to develop their coding abilities, algorithmic skills and software design skills that can be further transformed into commercial products and services. Following the coding marathon you have the opportunity to find out new programming best practices, principles and paradigms. You can

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6 solid reasons to attend hackathons

“What is all this buzz surrounding hackathons and why should I attend one?”
If the above question ever popped in your head, and you happen to be a an IT enthusiast, then we’re happy to tell you – you’re in the right place!

In recent years, hackathons have experienced a significant growth in number and uptake across the globe.

There are different types of hackathons, usually characterized by a marathon-like process of intense concentration and work, all boiling down to the same aim: designing a simple solution for a complex problem in a limited amount of time.

You might think “OK, this sounds stressful!” but think about it, whenever evolution/innovation happened it always emerged out of a stressful context. The time constraints of hackathons force you learn to solve problems fast and focus on what’s

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Leverage your prime IT offshore nearshore with Yourshore #Romania #Vietnam #Moldova

Yourshore is the white label of Pentalog that can help IT services companies and web agencies around the world create their own Offshore/Nearshore solutions.

Now that Pentalog is increasingly emerging as a multiservice digital platform going from online assessment of IT skills to startup funding and to consulting, we decided to implement a white label program for all IT services companies and agencies interested in creating an Offshore or Nearshore centre.

I’m a little late on this announcement although our subsidiary Yourshore is operational for a while now. Youshore is your Nearshore or Offshore operation in three countries that are perfectly suited to your strategy: Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Vietnam.

In the last few years, we launched two similar operations in test mode: one with the Ausy Group with which we created a

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Launching of new website: Contest is done. Result is out!

New website was launched on December 2015, and Pentalog decided to run a Twitter contest. Pentalog is proud to announce the results for this special competition.
Congratulations to Nabil Benfadel, a young French entrepreneur.
Nabil has a strong start-up spirit and already participated in French Tech Loire Valley‘s events. We are very happy that he could benefit from this operation.


You were dozens participating to this contest and Pentalog would like to thank you all. We had people from London, Boston and all kinds of profiles (moms, marketers, developers…even contests addicts!).

How did we manage this contest?

Pentalog chosed LikeABird as partner. For the managing of this contest we used specifically Like A Bird APPS, a strong tool to manage contests on social media.

Our teams were satisfied

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Pentalog, career builder: myth or reality?

Many of us are excellent in their thoughts and experience. What are the key factors that trigger our professional growth? In my opinion, the most important role belongs to a reliable professional partner who offers a challenging growth environment, which has a professional community willing to share and support growing talents, who has a huge experience in carrier plan definition and who has excellence in guiding the professional growth.

At the beginning of this year, let’s do a retrospective of our contribution to the ATIC community and to the career of our colleagues during 2015.

  • January.

    We started the year in the Guepard style: moving fast to the scope. Our ambitious people expanded their knowledge with Android and Selenium experience – 5 hands-on trainings with coaches.

  • February.

    We continue the year with another exceptional training:

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7 problems, 8 teams, 5 hours, 1 Hackathon @ Pentalog Moldova

Wikipedia says “Hackathon (also known as a hack day, hackfest or codefest) is an event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development and hardware development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, collaborate intensively on software projects”.

This is the most classical definition, and is very similar to what we do in the IT sector on daily bases. In the same time, it is good to train the set of skills that is not bothered by your daily JIRA tasks. You are asking yourself, what am I going to talk about ? Before I answer that question, I suggest you, to take a minute and make the list of 5 skills that are in list of ‘non-bothered’. Hopefully you have the ‘algorithmic mindset‘ skill on your list, if

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Startups: Historically, all bubbles come up from a sudden rise in the level of idiocy

Let’s be clear: I’m not a bringer of bad news. I strongly believe that the digital world is turning everything upside down. It is even snatching away key players’ most precious asset from them: their clients.

I cannot bring up this subject without putting things into perspective. For me, there’s no technology bubble or usage reinvention bubble. The only bubble threatening my environment is the one represented by the startup environment market, I mean including this abundance of rather average offers for acceleration, co-working spaces, VCs and especially BAs, government aid, students and their schools, books, etc.

Basically, if you’re 20 and you’re not an entrepreneur, you’ve failed at life. If you’re not a BA by 50, then you’d better shoot yourself down.

In the beginning, I used to love the surge in entrepreneurial intentions

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Contest: Follow & Retweet @Pentalog on Twitter and take a chance at winning a smart home energy monitor!

Pentalog launching a new website www.pentalog.comOn this occasion we are running a contest on Twitter (using Like a Bird App). All you have to do is retweet our contest status and follow Pentalog’s official Twitter account and you are automatically in the race for winning a Smappee smart home energy monitor.

The winner will be drawn and announced on Friday, December 18th, stay tuned!

Good luck!

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New Pentalog website: nurturing a platform strategy

The new version of our corporate website helps us on the way to the transformation of our activities in a full digital service platform.

We are keen to hear your feedback!

We have chosen to launch the English version first, the French (our mother tongue) version will be available soon.

It has been a long time since Pentalog has bet on the web for the upstream of our sales process, making us a pioneer of the e-procurement relationship between supply and demand of IT services. That strategy helped us reach customers in 30 countries and now provides commitments to 700 engineers in our historical outsourcing activities.

I do admit that our former website was always compared with those of our competitors and it so often represents the entry door to the group. This

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A/B testing: To A/B test or not to be?

A/B testing

A/B testing (also known as split testing) is a method of comparing two versions of a page against each other in order to determine which one performs better in terms of Click through Rate (CTR) or conversion rate (CR). By creating an A and a B version of your page, you can validate new design changes, test ideas, and improve your website’s Return on Investment (ROI). Sounds easy enough, but sometimes this practice is overlooked because teams stick to rigid planning instead of a responsive, flexible, and adjustable digital marketing strategy.

Beside the fact that you need the right tools to test your pages or your conversion funnel, there are other indicators to point at when starting A/B tests. One of the most important indicators is the conversion rate optimization. You

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In September, Pentalog is setting up in Berlin!

After my colleagues from Pentalog and Pentalabbs, it was my turn to discover the European high-tech Eldorado: Berlin.

As you already know, Berlin is a magnet for startups. Everybody is attracted to this iconic and mythological city, eager to inhale this European Sillicon Valley’s perfume.

From New Zealanders, Malaysians, Canadians, Spaniards, Kosovans, Lithuanians to French people, Berlin is a crossroad for nationalities. English imposes itself as the lingua franca, which considerably reduces the entry barrier on the market, as opposed to the rest of the country, where German remains the official language in most cases.

Some startups have just settled in Berlin, a highly vibrant European capital with very reasonable prices (apartments, food, beer, etc.). More mature companies are coming here for a fresh perspective or simply for a more dynamic market. Berlin is

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Pentalog and Pentalabbs are setting up in NY!

After two years of existence in Boston, and now that the US have become the group’s second client representing around 20% of our sales figure, we have decided to continue our international expansion process by turning our attention to NY.

I will spare you the details about the USA’s potential, it’s rather useless. What I’m interested in is informing you that we are looking for a New York-based senior IT professional with sound knowledge of the entire web and software economy. Strong knowledge of local startups is an advantage, of course. Pentalog and Pentalabbs are already well exported brands that are adopted very quickly on the market. It took us just a few months to make our first million dollars in Boston and we will reach around 5M at the end of this year.

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