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IT offshore press review week 17/2012

The IT offshore press review at a glance: VC, Google metrics, SaaS, IT consumerization, outsourcing in the UK and others. Enjoy!

- Venture capital poured into enterprise software in Q1 (April 20, 2012, Computer world)
- Google introduces new TV like metrics for measuring ads (April 19, 2012, Computer world)
- 82% of data breaches due to staff errors; 4% of IT trusts users; IT is still to blame (April 19, 2012, IT World)
- Making an aaS out of free software (April 18, 2012, IT World)
- Stressed IT workers in career change quandary (April 20, 2012, IT Pro)
- Webcast: CIO strategies for IT consumerisation (April 17, 2012, IT Pro)
- Outsourcing in the UK slows down in early 2012 (April 20, 2012, Computer weekly)
- Infosec 2012: Three main data-related

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Is Pentalog practicing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)?

What is social responsibility and what makes it different from social innovation? What is Pentalog‘s standing in these matters? What is the meaning of these two notions on our different offices?

On the occasion of Spring Campus de Croissance Plus, that Monica and me attended last weekend in Evian, we met two specialists in the field, namely Perrine and Pierre, both founders of La 2ème Maison, a company specialised in this field and a supplier of the greatests references of CAC40, among which Lafarge and Danone.

Social responsibility is practiced beyond national legal constraints. Once you find yourself on the territory of two countries, the legal aspects of one can largely exceed those of the other. A perfectly unified corporate vision of CSR is not easy to achieve. Thus, there are two

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S-commerce : Pentalog Israel sells a Social Commerce platform to a world leader in design

Pentalog has reasons to be happy. Our clients place our offer higher and higher in fields like e-commerce, telecom industry, soft R&D or consulting in Information System.

Now including a consulting department that is quickly joining the league of the sector leaders, Pentalog‘s overall offer of industrialized software production (mastering costs, quality and deadlines) draws more and more clients willing to use only one player, able to fully engage its responsibility. Overall means that thanks to the joined forces of Pentalog Institute (consulting and technology) and its historical nearshore and offshore capacities, we are now able to intervene on ergonomics, technical architecture, implementation of software factory and as far as production of course, in the best quality and price conditions. This complete cycle for performing software or web operations is integrated by

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Start-up incentives for innovating companies

On March 21st I took part in États Généraux du Cloud organised by EuroCloud France association. It was a truly dynamic day with rich exchanges during the workshops, quality participants and companies that really deserved their prizes.

During this event, Ms Laure de la Raudière, MP (UMP) has made an interesting intervention talking about her vision of the digital economy where cloud has definitely a significant place.

The participants have largely admitted that the innovation and research & development start-up incentives are, in France, well implemented and truly valuable. In addition, emphasis was put on the improvement of OSEO practices.

We received from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research the renewal of our R&D tax credit accreditation for 2012-2014. This enables our customers to integrate part of

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IT offshore press review week 15/2012

We hope you’ll enjoy the new IT offshore press review. A bunch of very interesting subjects this week.

- Emerging software tools help boost IT spending projections (April 6, 2012, Computer world)
- Indian IT firms are heading for a fall (April 6, 2012, Computer world)
- Creating culture of IT innovation includes rewarding failure (April 6, 2012, Computer world)
- Startups don’t need a programmer but a technical co-founder (April 5, 2012, IT World)
- Cloud apps, big data and the wisdom of swarms (April 6, 2012, ZDNet)
- The I.T. Factor: 21st Century Tools for Efficient Collaboration (April 4, 2012, ZDNet)
- China’s rise in tech brings global tension (April 3, 2012, ZDNet Asia)
- VMware sees competition beyond virtualization (April 5, 2012, ZDNet Asia)
- Creating Culture of IT Innovation Includes

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IT offshore press review week 14/2012

Welcome to the IT offshore press review.

- IT Outsourcing System Is Broken, How Can Service Providers Fix It? (March 29, 2012, CIO)
- 5 Business Analytics Tech Trends and How to Exploit Them March 23, CIO)
- 10 Best U.S. Cities for IT Jobs with Tech Startups (March 27, 2012, CIO)
- India’s IT Firms Hire U.S. Workers As They Fight for Visas (March 27, 2012, CIO)
- Life after IT: When CIOs leave at the top of their game (April 29, 2012, ComputerWorld)
- IT jobs will grow 22% through 2020, says U.S. (March 29, 2012, ComputerWorld)
- Gartner’s five cloud computing trends to watch (April 02, 2012, Computer Weekly)
- Forums complement APAC customer service (March 30, 2012, ZDNet Asia)
- Social analytics for recruitment inaccurate, breaches privacy (March 30, 2012,

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