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Guépard workshop: 2014 achievements and 2015 alignment


For Pentalog, 2014 was a very productive year, full of dynamism and filled with challenges. In my opinion, the launching of the Guépard agility program was one of the last year’s most important decisions. The resulting processes have a complex positive impact based on: 

  • Agile trainings,
  • individual coaching,
  • team coaching at different project stages,
  • other activities our colleagues are involved in.

In January 2015 we organized a workshop dedicated to this agility program. It was aimed at reviewing the actions of the previous year, refining the plan for the current year, as well as creating, together with the participants to the workshop, a strong Agile team full of energy able to sustain the agile transition.


For a more complete picture of how things were going at that particular stage of the program, Aleth

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Project management seminar held in Iasi, Romania: ideas just burst out!

We may say that ideas really burst out last Friday and Saturday during the project management seminar held in Iasi, Romania.

Thanks to the presence of 5 members of the Pentalog Management Board (Frédéric Lasnier, Monica Jiman, Eric Gouin, Aleth Delcenserie, Manuel Damian), the participation of 7 project managers (Alex Arapan, Dan Avram, Razvan Brinzila, Mihai Burlac, Dan-Cristian Iftimi, Vasile Putina, Ion Vasilov), 1 project director (Ludovic Bavouzet), the technical director of the Pentalog Institute (Cornel Fatulescu) and 4 delivery center managers (Mihai Bejenariu, Serghei Goloborodico, Cristian Neghina, Pierre Pichot) we were able, after rich and animated discussions, to draw a pragmatic action plan well rooted to solve our field issues.

Some of the decisions made are as follows:

  • Ensure greater involvement of experienced project managers, specialized in

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Aleth Delcenserie

Chief Quality Officer, Business Intelligence Service

Senior partner of Pentalog, a member of the Board of Directors and the Management Committee, Aleth is Pentalog’s Quality and Organization Director. Based in Romania-Moldova since January 1st 2009, she shares her time between coaching project managers and internal department managers in implementing the quality system of the Group, controlling efficiency and upgrading the ISO repository to CMMI. Endowed with a strong sense of organization and a taste for detail, Aleth first worked within the graphics department of the company, rigorously and methodically conducting editing projects and electronic media for twelve years. At the end of 2005, she created the Pentalog BPO-editing department in the Republic of Moldova.
From September 2007, Aleth has been responsible for defining and implementing the Pentalog Quality Policy, leading to

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ISO certification: welcome Cluj!

The ISO audit has come to an end and Mrs Anghelescu has handed in her conclusions: the AFNOR auditor has confirmed the maintenance of our ISO 9001: 2008 certification for the following:
- our IT development activities (Pentalog France, Pentalog Romania, Pentalog CHI, Pentalog Ausy) and the Pentalog delivery center in Cluj, Romania, founded in July 2011, has been added to the ISO certification scope as it has rapidly and successfully implemented the good practices of the group.
- our recruitment activities (Virtual Fanatic France, People Centric).
Moreover, our auditor has identified or confirmed several strong points – requirements of the Standard which have been very well implemented:
- knowledge sharing and teamwork within all the projects
- risk analysis, identification and follow-up of preventive actions
- data analysis within the projects

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A new organizational chart to gain additional market shares during the new financial crisis

As I already announced this summer, Pentalog appointed a second managing director, Monica Jiman. For someone like me, who loves basketball and rugby, it is rather like when a basketball team plays with two leaders or a rugby team has resorted to a second fly-half. Since we are in the midst of the World Cup, I’ll stretch this rugby metaphor even further, wishing that Monica and I had the same fate as Catt and Wilkinson, crowned world champions in Australia in 2003!

Throughout the summer, Monica and I worked on our selection, and, believe me, given the quality of our options, it was difficult to make choices. But we managed to build our major team at the end of last week. We have thought through all the aspects of this issue: pure immediate effectiveness,

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DISI seminar in Brasov

Last week, I organized in Brasov the seminar of my department (Infrastructures and Information Systems – DISI) which is held twice or three times a year. In this session, we switched from a type of organization made up of presentations and discussions to a general theme handled collaboratively. The theme was “communication”. DISI is a support department; therefore, we have to ensure a good communication with our (internal) clients in order to have visibility over our projects.

Our guests for this seminar were the Business Liners (Pierre and Mickaël) and Hélène, the Marketing Director, in addition to the usual participants (Aleth, Iulia, Alex, Cornel and I).

Our guests appreciated the morning round table discussion on the ongoing projects and the future actions. Could this be a lack of communication?

Afterwards, we began a collaborative post-it

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The first steps towards CMMi

After a few months of reflexion on the approach that we are going to use for a CMMi deployment on our projects, we began by providing a first model approach to our technical management (Cornel), our quality management (Aleth), all our project managers and myself. Pierre de Thelin, who has been our “quality consultant” for 4 years now, continues to provide us with his assistance on this new strategic project.

Last September 22nd, 23rd and 24th, Pierre presented the complete CMMi model in one day, which was followed by two workshop days meant to help us determine the Deming wheels that we need to “put in motion” in order to adjust to this model. After going through the 729 pages of the repository, the situation seemed somewhat delicate, as we had yet to establish the

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2010 Project managers training program

In 2009, Pentalog launched a great Project managers training program, aimed at unifying the knowledge on the basics of project management and then improving the practices. 32 people already attended those trainings, first given by Pierre de Thelin and then by internal trainers.

In 2010, the program will concern more than 80 people: about 50 for the basics and 30 for advanced courses, representing 426 men days of training! The first courses started in Hanoi in January (7 people). This week is now starting the Moldo-Romanian tour, with Aleth, Cornel and Ludovic as trainers, in Chisinau, Iasi, Brasov, Sibiu and Bucuresti (44 people).

English speaking project managers and team leaders will especially be involved (last year, trainings were only in French) as well as people aimed at becoming project managers in a near future.

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PENTALOG at OPENi ICT Conference

Here is an article that Livia Rusu asked me to publish:

“OPENi is a project organized to bring relevant and valuable impact on all its participants in terms of IT knowledge to which they don’t have access during their studies.
Professors, IT Companies and IT Experts have the opportunity to interact with each other and with students.

Aleth Delcenserie, our Quality Manager, had a presentation this morning on “Sensibilization to Quality in software development process”.

Don’t hesitate to follow also Monica Jiman, Pentalog COO – Vice President Business Development, online on at 4PM presenting “ITOO strategies for East Europe”.”

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ISO 9001-2008: Successful AFNOR monitoring audit

December 08, in Iasi (Romania), December 09 in Bucharest and finally on the 15th of December in Orleans AFNOR auditors in charge of monitoring our ISO9001-2008 certification, which we acquired last year, came to make their first monitoring audit.

Development projects (our biggest one and 3 smaller ones), the Human resources process, Technical assistance services and facilities management but also the transversal processes (IS, sales ,..) were scrutinized. The findings were direct and unambiguous: 7 strong points, 0 sensitive issues, 0 non-compliance, and 4 process improvement tracks.

These results are very encouraging concerning our approach to quality. Our improvement loops (PDCA) will continue to monitor our development program to approach CMMI level 3.

This could not have been possible without the effort of everyone involved in executing the processes but also those who were audited

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In Depth Training to Improve Work Methodology 1 / 2

Using the Deming Cycle, often without saying so, Pentalog committed itself in 2009 to three major areas of improvement for the company:
- Improvement of its training methods;
- The establishment of project management metrics;
- The evolution of its production activities by integrating practices from CMMI references.

In terms of training, Pentalog launched in early 2009 it’s first unprecedented challenge, that of setting up and deploying a common training curriculum for all its project managers; they were enrolled in a comprehensive 13 day program by groups, spread out over 3 years and presently 8 groups have already been identified.

A small vade mecum (handbook) for project leaders, the first course of 6 days will have a common core, which aims to upgrade the general knowledge, vocabulary and common management practices; this will be for

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The Complete New Organizational chart

A few months ago, I “teased” everyone with the beginnings of a new chart. After several months of internal warfare, we have been able finally to complete all the different levels of the organizational chart.

Click on image to enlarge chart
It is a lot less original than its predecessor, which was a structure completely oriented towards performance where two department heads who were not always obliged to agree.

This time, I am once again the boss of everyone in the house. When I stopped being, we were around 50 employees … Now we have approx. 400 and we needed to unify all the decisions.

Hopefully this new structure (which actually has been in service for the past 4 months) will provide us as much satisfaction as did the old one.

Regarding the dynamics, we

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