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Why a Single Page Application expertise at Pentalog?

These days, an increasing number of companies choose the modern single page application (SPA) architecture for their websites or web applications. In this article, Gabi, engineer and advanced software developer, explains why companies should use SPA for their web applications.

Single page web applications rely on Javascript as the main technology and allow any independent region in the UI to render / re-render without requiring any additional effort from the server. This means that the web server is no longer involved anymore in the HTML rendering process but rather just focuses on providing data (usually via JSON REST services) for the web interfaces.

We choose Backbone.js, Marionette.js, LESS, Grunt.js …and anything else that ends with “.js”

As an example, Pentalog is using the following technology stack for the development of a large-scale single page

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Save the date: Agilizza event – Boston CIC on 5/19

Here is the agenda for the Agilizza event, the first event in Boston to tackle specific Agile-related challenges with pragmatic advises.

This event hosted by Pentalog (Chris Hote) will take place in CIC’s 5th floor Havana Conference Room, on 5/19/2015 from 5p to 7p.

3 speakers, Q&A session, networking, complimentary refreshment and pizza:

  1. Do agile data in just 5 shocking steps! by Gil Benghiat, Founder at DataKitchen
  2. How to deploy Agile across the whole organization? by Dejan Duzevik, CTO at Concentric
  3. 3 Key Points when focusing on agile in regulated industries (e.g. medical devices)
    by Marty Bakal

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June 2014: the Pentalog infrastructure team has successfully met another challenge

Here’s an article on the relocation of our datacenter last June written by Alex Francu, Infrastructure Manager of the Pentalog Group.

The Pentalog datacenter in figures

In order to ensure the continuity and optimal security of the hosted services, the Pentalog private cloud is spread across various sites and relies on 3 datacenters: 1 French DC, 1 Romanian DC for our internal services, and a 2nd French DC for our cloud services.

This means in figures:

  • a BladeCenter platform with 10 physical servers
  • 120 CPU cores and 1 TB of RAM available to various virtual machines
  • 30-Terabytes of data storage
  • 250 active virtual machines
  • over 1000 services (websites, e-Commerce sites, messaging, social network, business applications, etc.) that must be fully operational 24/7

We also ensure continuous application services for one hundred clients, the

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Is your eCommerce site legally compliant? (2/2)

How to make sure your site is compliant with the legislation in force

As promised in the previous article on the new Consumer Rights Directive, this time I will go into more legal details that all e-traders need to take into account in order to become legally compliant.

Reconsider your Terms & Conditions, legal mentions and licenses

The innovations brought by this new Directive automatically entail an update of your General Terms & Conditions of Sale, particularly the provisions on the transportation of the goods delivered to the client, as well as the withdrawal and refunding deadlines.

This is the perfect occasion for you to make sure whether the use of the eCommerce platform products (CMS platform, AddOns, additional tools) complies with the purchased license. With SaaS products, it’s highly unlikely to be outside the

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Is your eCommerce site legally compliant?

E-traders, get ready for some new legal changes that may affect your business!

June 13, 2014 saw the adoption of the Consumer Rights Directive, a new EU legislation aiming to enhance consumer protection for online payments and purchases. Considering Pentalog’s positioning with regard to e-traders, it seemed quite interesting to focus on these provisions, as they have a great impact on eCommerce sites which, if not updated yet, have become non-compliant with the law.

But how might this legislation affect your business? Here are the main aspects that need to be brought in line before and after confirming the order (also called contract):

Before confirming the order

       1.  No more hidden charges and costs on the Internet

Before confirming the order by means of a very explicit button such as “Order with obligation

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“Shake your eCommerce”. Pentalog. June 24. Marseille

Tuesday June 24, 2014 is the Day for European eCommerce passionates! Join Pentalog at the #Shake14 event and help us turn Marseille into the Euro-Mediterranean capital of eCommerce. What will you find here? No less than 40 conferences and workshops on major topics such as international development, trends, connected commerce and technologies. This is a unique opportunity for you to meet the key players in the field of eCommerce.

Pharo Palace from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM! Be there!

Frédéric Lasnier, Pentalog CEO, a renowned IT partner of many European digital companies and innovative startups such as Sharealike, Socrative or Sensee, will also attend this event to share his vision and experience as participant to the conference:

                HR, eCommerce: recruiting or involving passionate people?
               June 24, 2014 from 3:30 PM

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S€PA as of February 2014: Are you ready for change?

Believe it or not, recent studies show most SMEs have never heard about SEPA! This clearly indicates how little has been said about this topic, not to mention the obvious lack of concern of some companies. But what makes them so resistant to change? This project is remarkable from so many points of view and brings real progress at both technical and functional level.

What does SEPA mean?

SEPA (“Single Euro Payments Area”) is a European project dedicated to the changeover to euro coins and banknotes. The main purpose is to homogenize the means of payment in the Euro Area: the same protocols and formats.

As of February 1, 2014, this new format – available since 2008 and based on EBICS (IP protocol using XML messages through the HTTPS standard) protocols

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In search of IT services outsourcing? Come and visit our Delivery Centers!

Outsourcing your IT services goes beyond trusting a third party with the creation of a product or solution. The process must be part of a real corporate strategy entailing an engaging and productive approach. This is why we have always taken time to explain to our clients what we do, how we do it, and what the costs are. But in order to understand how the entire process works, maybe you should first come and visit our delivery centers.

What are the benefits of this discovery circuit? Among other things, you can:

  • check out your service provider’s premises
  • speak to your collaborators face to face
  • better understand their culture and share your own corporate culture
  • spot the constraints that a long-distance relationship may bring along

If you are not yet convinced, we offer you

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Pentalog rewards its clients with 3 months of service provision

This summer the ePentalog club organizes a special operation for its clients projects.

The principle is simple: Pentalog makes available, free of charge, for 3 months and without preconditions up to 3 Java or PHP interns on its customers projects. At the end of this period, they will be charged at the tariff of a beginner developer and later on at the tariff of a junior developer for the following year.

You can check here the CVs of the interns we would like to put forward for your projects:
• Java developers: Ana C., Maria-Cristina S., Irina C., Andrei G., Ioana G.
• PHP developers : Ramona P., Alin M., Marius T., Alexandr P., Mihaela M.
• BI developer : Anna-Maria C.

For more information

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Online assistance: an obvious fact which requires no supporting evidence!

83% of consumers need assistance when buying online!
This is the result of a survey conducted by Louhouse, which also states that 48% of these consumers don’t hesitate to appeal to competitors if they don’t receive a quick answer to their problem.

It is true that, whereas it is easy to buy a pair of shoes or shop for everyday items online because in general we know well the products we want to buy, it is more complex to conclude a contract online, for instance, without having doubts concerning an option or anything else. It is precisely in this context that the online chat systems make sense. 100 times more enjoyable and efficient than the FAQ, these systems enable us to contact an operator without spending long minutes on hold, waiting to be put

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Business Intelligence & Data Management: Pentalog’s new BI solution

  • As your data represent an important part of your company’s capital,
  • As the volume of these data grows exponentially,
  • and as it is important to be able to manage these assets within a flexible, scalable environment without exhausting your whole budget with the infrastructure,

Pentalog has created a new offer targeted at SMEs and key accounts that includes all the above in order to provide you with high quality retrieval services and thus enable you to take appropriate decisions in increasingly shorter timeframes.
This new offer, “Business Intelligence & Data Management”, is structured around 4 axes which will allow you to make the most of all your data, including the ones collected from the social networks and the new communication media (video, etc.) and to reach a new level of quality for

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Provide your IT system with Cloud power!

Cloud services are becoming increasingly widespread within companies, providing flexible and easy to implement solutions, where business activities can be run independently in terms of project management, freeing themselves from the Information System Departments. This growing trend is fueled by the suppliers of Cloud services themselves which address business activities directly.
In order to avoid that the information system goes quickly out of control, the Information System Department must anticipate the requirements and provide a range of Cloud services adapted to the business needs. This is the way to maintain global coherence while benefiting from the Cloud advantages.

Today, in the light of the above, I entice you to discover our 4 new offers of Cloud services available on our site

  • CLOUD SOLUTION FOR SME/VSE: an offer specially targeting SME/VSE, by
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