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The Pentalog business team is always there for you!

Before going on or returning from a vacation, and before the fall settles in, why not take some time to reflect on the best innovation, cost reduction and productivity gains solutions for your company?

Pentalog’s business consultants are bravely sacrificing themselves for their clients and prospects . To remain 100% available during this period that may favor interesting and productive exchanges, they will take no summer vacations! This means that they will work at full speed, the same as in the rest of the year.

Below are some of the topics they are proposing to you:

- Software development and Agile methodologies: solving field-related evolutive problems, implementing functional requirements, visibility on project follow-up, maintaining productivity or long and complex projects.

- Cloud infrastructure: architecture consulting, private cloud management, outsourcing services.

- BigData

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A penny for your thoughts? 3 million Euros for ours.

I first considered writing this article in Romanian, but there are so many wonderful expressions in English that we can’t just translate and still capture their true meaning.

The question in the title is definitely not about somebody getting rich. Although, with the right amount of thoughts you share for a penny, you might actually get somewhere. The penny in the title is the symbol of human curiosity and shared thoughts are the engine of growth. “Chance favors the connected mind” says one of my favorite authors, Steven Johnson.

It is this curiosity that has pushed humanity forward, on so many occasions. But while people pay a penny to satisfy their curiosity, they are willing to pay a lot more when trying to build what they had in mind, in the right way.

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Developing for Android requires more testing than for iOS!

As I pointed out in my previous article, the need to be actively present on the mobile market is more than obvious. In the United States, Android continues to make progress with 51.7% on the American smartphone sales market (according to Kantar Wordpanel Comtech) compared to 41.4% registered by iOS and 5.6% by Windows. This difference is even more striking at European level with 70.4% of Android smartphones (also according to Kantar Wordpanel ComTech).

In 2013, Android runs on 867 million devices across all platforms (Smartphones and tablets), and it is expected to reach 1 billion in 2014. Given such figures, it becomes almost mandatory to create or port your application to Android.

These devices are created under many different models. They vary in display size, processing power, communication capabilities

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Why develop an iOS App?

This question comes up very often in the discussions with our prospects and clients: why develop an iOS App?

Simply put, because the need to be actively present on the mobile market (smartphones and tablets) is more than obvious: in 2014, the number of mobile users will exceed the number of stationary Internet users.

On the one hand, we are faced to the increasing popularity of the Android OS on the smartphones and tablets market. On the other hand, communication networks are constantly being improved and practically enable permanent Internet connection (with a varying connection quality). In this context, users tend to privilege mobile sites over native Apps, so this is a fair question to ask.

Developing a native iOS App is less expensive than developing an Android App (from 10 to

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Internet & Mobile World Expo in Bucharest 19-21/09/2012

Pentalog will attend the Internet & Mobile World trade show (booth No. 34) between Wednesday, September 19 and Friday, September 21 in Bucharest, Romania. It is the first event on this topic in Romania. I’ll attend the trade show together with Cornel, the Pentalog Institute director (consultancy and audit), Radu, one of our Mobile experts, and Cristian, one of our IT project managers in Romania.
We are going to take part in this trade show to present the projects that our 620 Romanian IT engineers and our 120 IT engineers from the Republic of Moldova have carried out in various fields of activity such as eCommerce, mCommerce, real estate management, machine to machine (M2M), presales, crisis management and many others.

We would like to invite you to watch our

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Embedded, Wireless, Internet of Things, mobile: Pentalog has signed 4 contracts in 3 months (nearshore).

In three months, Pentalog has signed 4 contracts with new clients in the field of electronic products, both mass consumer and professional oriented. We are particularly pleased with the contract we signed with a famous French start-up, which is now acknowledged the world over in the field of the Internet of things. It is with their mobile applications that we are going to support them. One of the other two clients operates in the fields of defense, transport and health, and, as part of our long-standing collaboration, we will supply them with embedded applications on the X86 architecture.
The third company is a spin off of an important electronics group in France, which entrusted us with the embedded development of a wireless equipment to be used in distribution. And the last one is a

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IT offshore press review week 10/2012

A lot of fun and interesting subjects in this IT offshore press review. Enjoy!

- Mobile World Congress 2012 roundup: All you need to know from Barcelona (March 2, 2012, Computer world)
- Facebook woos businesses with redesigned business pages, Timeline (February 29, 2012, Computer world)
- Science-and-engineering workforce has stalled in U.S., report says (March 2, 2012, Computer world)
- RSA 2012: IT security experts urge enterprises to ban smartphone BYOD schemes (March 2, 2012, Computer weekly)
- Europe plans high-performance ‘science cloud’ (March 2, 2012, ZDNet)
- Zynga’s play platform a big test for its cloud computing prowess (March 2, 2012, ZDNet)
- How Cloud Computing Is Forcing IT Evolution (February 29, 2012, CIO)
- IT Outsourcing Buyers Still Don’t Care About Sustainability (March 2, 2012, CIO)
- How the Cloud Cuts VC

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The MWC 2012 Conference – A vision of 2022 (second part)

The conference continued on the vision of 2022 (see my previous post here) by presenting several companies and their innovative solutions. Paul Lee (Deloitte), the chairman of this conference, has asked us for a vote in order to see which of these innovative solutions epitomizes the future:
- EarSmart: enables an object to hear (even in an extreme sound environment). They believe that, in 2022, the voice will be more useful than at the present day. In order to achieve that, the sound quality and voice capture must be improved not only for mobile devices but also for vocal translators and even for social networks. Companies such as Skype, HD voice, Apple (with Siri) and FaceBook set technology trends through (because of) their users. For this purpose, the communication

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The MWC 2012 Conference – A vision of 2022

The third day of the conference was chaired by Paul Lee, one of Deloitte‘s R&D managers.
The conference speakers were:
- John Donovan, from AT&T
- Erik Kruse, Ericsson’s R&D manager

John got the ball rolling for AT&T’s future in mobility. Nothing new compared to yesterday’s presentation (see my previous post here). Two major points on which John particularly insisted come to my mind:
- Networking of intelligence: AT&T manages a huge amount of Data (Big Data), including personal data as well as anonymous data. AT&T wants to interconnect the cloud with services (such as health services for instance) to provide new generation mobile services (a doctor can provide remote assistance).
- Security is among the main concerns of AT&T. The user must be allowed to choose whether or not to share

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Mobile World Congress 2012 Conference – How to develop the Apps of the future?

This conference was animated by Tim Green from Mobile Entertainment. The speakers were:
- Jon Summers, SVP, App & SVC Services, AT&T
- Scott Jenson, Creative Director, Frog
- Peter Broekroelofs, CTO & Co-Founder, Service2Media
- Safdar Mustafa, Head of Mobile Media, Al Jazeera
- Hoojong Kim, SVP, Global Technology Research Institute, SK Telecom

It was Jon Summer from AT&T who started the debates. For him, change must come from the complexity of tools, platforms, languages, protocols, as well as from data sources that the developers have to manage. All this must be simplified. AT&T has opened its network through a programme (WAC) for developing Cloud, with the aim of providing API/platforms to help developers, and to improve the collaboration with other telecommunication operators. This opening is surrounded by HTML5, by the

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MWC Keynote – Eric Schimdt, Google Android

Tuesday at 6 p.m. took place one of the most expected keynotes of MWC 2012. Expected particularly due to the presence of Eric Schimdt, chairman at Google.

The presentation started with a little demonstration by Hugo Barra (Product Management Director, Android at Google: on the Android related Chrome strength.

This integration has three goals:

- Providing a faster mobile browser
- Providing a clearer and simpler mobile browser
- Making the cloud more user-friendy

A small demo followed, first on a smartphone, to show Chrome‘s speed on mobile applications, then a functionality which enabled the user to easily zoom and click on a web page, as well as to view different sites open on the mobile through vertical tabs.

The last functionality relates to the cloud. Hugo

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French pavilion in the lead at MWC

While looking around the MWC (MobileWorld Congress) trade show, I got the impression that the French and Israeli pavilions were the largest. This first impression was confirmed by the figures shown in the chart below. There are 163 companies in the French pavilion and 58 in the Israeli pavilion. Well done Romania, which is the only “Eastern” country with a pavilion together with 9 other companies, Pentalog being one of them!

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