Is Pentalog practicing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)?

What is social responsibility and what makes it different from social innovation? What is Pentalog‘s standing in these matters? What is the meaning of these two notions on our different offices?

On the occasion of Spring Campus de Croissance Plus, that Monica and me attended last weekend in Evian, we met two specialists in the field, namely Perrine and Pierre, both founders of La 2ème Maison, a company specialised in this field and a supplier of the greatests references of CAC40, among which Lafarge and Danone.

Social responsibility is practiced beyond national legal constraints. Once you find yourself on the territory of two countries, the legal aspects of one can largely exceed those of the other. A perfectly unified corporate vision of CSR is not easy to achieve. Thus, there are two solutions. Either the construction of a unique program, which is difficult even at the semantical level, and which risks in addition not to be understood in countries boasting about higher social standards, or a policy of on-site actions, extremely targeted, with specific objectives, giving way to a very rigorous feedback.

Therefore, what are we doing in Pentalog (IT services company) that might resemble social responsibility? According to our new friends, everything that is in connection to on-site actions on your ecosystems resembles one or the other. Thus, our Incubator (our training and development programme, that is soon to be renamed) exceeds by large, in terms of what is imposed, the minimum legal standards of most of the countries in which it is set up. In countries where the recovery of social contributions raises a lot or problems (moonlighting, including in our intellectual services business expertise), we think that this type of policy really gains meaning. Thus, in this respect, we have been doing CSR for a long time now without knowing it.

Pentalabbs programme (company incubator) intends to act at a deeper level on our ecosystems by supporting the projects of local entrepreneurs by reinvesting our profits in the local economy. To this day, we have significantly sustained and financed a first Romanian start-up and three start-ups from Orléans. In the following months, we want to launch at least one to two programmes in Romania, as illustrated by the start-up project contest that we have recently started in the country and which shall end, this is what I hope, with concrete decisions of financing and incubation. Pentalabbs projects shall use digital technologies without being necessarily tech enterprises. Thus, these are qualitative leaps contributing to the progressive digitalisation of different territories by innovating technologies. As Pentalog is owned by its employees (as much as 92%), it is also about a transformation of the company capitalism (already CSR, it seems to me) in territorial capitalism by and for the employees associated to Pentalog. One could say that this is a social innovation as well, don’t you think ?

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