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Agilizza: the easiest way of being Agile…at least in Boston!

Being Agile has never been easier. Pentalog’s Office in US organizes meetings in Boston, MA. They are called Agilizza. Learn more about these very special…and agile…events!

Being Agile

Does Agile sound familiar to you? How meaningful are Agile approaches to you in your everyday business life? How do you increase your agility, how do you share your agility skillset?

Imagined by Chris Hote

Based in Boston ,MA, Pentalog US VP Chris Hote imagined recurring events, as friendly as personal meetings. These recurring events are known as Agilizza.
Agilizza is the contraction of Agile and Pizza. They are a series of events focusing on sharing pragmatic hints with startups and SMB managers so they can act with more agility in an open-minded manner.

An enjoyable learning and motivating experience

Thus Agilizza is a way of sharing

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How to fail the deployment of agile practices in 5 steps

Agile practices (Scrum, Kanban or both) have widely proved their value contribution to projects and even to organizations as a whole. Benefit or inconvenient, deploying Agile practices requires strong involvement of the team in order to achieve this sustainable self-management. We gathered here a few important aspects to take into account and avoid disappointment.

Considering Agile practices as project management

Thinking of agile practices as equivalent to classic project management leads to re-questioning new roles: Product Owner with decision-making power; Scrum Master as a sheep dog protecting the team against disturbing actions without high level decision-making power over the team members; the other team members ready to fully commit. Orientation towards agile practices is first a matter of accepting a new culture oriented towards a high-level involvement, self-management and result.

Believing that you

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Save the date: Agilizza event – Boston CIC on 5/19

Here is the agenda for the Agilizza event, the first event in Boston to tackle specific Agile-related challenges with pragmatic advises.

This event hosted by Pentalog (Chris Hote) will take place in CIC’s 5th floor Havana Conference Room, on 5/19/2015 from 5p to 7p.

3 speakers, Q&A session, networking, complimentary refreshment and pizza:

  1. Do agile data in just 5 shocking steps! by Gil Benghiat, Founder at DataKitchen
  2. How to deploy Agile across the whole organization? by Dejan Duzevik, CTO at Concentric
  3. 3 Key Points when focusing on agile in regulated industries (e.g. medical devices)
    by Marty Bakal

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Pentalog Institute knowledge sharing workshops

Knowledge sharing workshops are the new trend at Château des Hauts! Why is that? Because this month we have organised two knowledge sharing events:

  • Learn & Lunch, open to everybody working at the Pentalog headquarters, including to our incubated startups (MyLoireValley + MarketScience + Merkatic), and
  • Consulting Days, exclusively for the Pentalog consultants.

Learn & Lunch

Implementing this workshop is a real piece of cake. Every Tuesday, the participants make the most of their lunch break by exchanging information on a certain topic. Every two weeks, we discuss about an open topic and the following week we exchange ideas on the activity of one of our ecosystem’s startups. All people at the headquarters are invited. It’s simple: no registration whatsoever, we just bring our lunch and we’re ready to roll.

For the

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“Guépard” – Pentalog’s agility program


You have probably heard before about Pentalog’s agility process. This program was called “Guépard” and started in July 2014. The transformation will naturally target both the clients’ (production) teams and our internal services.

Why “Guépard” (Cheetah)? Because it is the fastest animal on earth with amazing speed. These innate skills are reinforced by their ability to adapt to every situation, confirmed by their existence of 3.5 – 4 million years, long before the appearance of the other large felines.


The need for agility is a result of the following main factors:

  • the increasingly dynamic business environment calls for ideal partners able to adapt their clients’ needs to the new contexts (extremely dynamic markets, volatile opportunities, new technologies);
  • in its turn, Pentalog is constantly seeking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its services
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The Pentalog business team is always there for you!

Before going on or returning from a vacation, and before the fall settles in, why not take some time to reflect on the best innovation, cost reduction and productivity gains solutions for your company?

Pentalog’s business consultants are bravely sacrificing themselves for their clients and prospects . To remain 100% available during this period that may favor interesting and productive exchanges, they will take no summer vacations! This means that they will work at full speed, the same as in the rest of the year.

Below are some of the topics they are proposing to you:

- Software development and Agile methodologies: solving field-related evolutive problems, implementing functional requirements, visibility on project follow-up, maintaining productivity or long and complex projects.

- Cloud infrastructure: architecture consulting, private cloud management, outsourcing services.

- BigData

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How Agile and Kanban methods favor re-insourcing and offshoring and turn traditional IT services companies into transit areas for new market entrants

After having recently met the President of Syntec (French Federation of Consulting Engineering Firms), I cannot stop thinking about the continuous drop in revenues registered by the traditional IT services companies, also confirmed by a drop in their sales figure. This is particularly surprising in the context of the high pressure exerted by digital innovation at international level. Both software editors and human resources are overbooked in most countries worldwide. Nevertheless, the underlying causes are deeper than they first appear.

I have also noted, among other things, how the generalization of Agile methods can profoundly change the client-provider relationships in software or web development activities. Working closely with
software publishers and web companies in particular, Pentalog has already engaged on this path for several years now.

Whoever has implemented or monitored the Agile projects

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Critical checkpoints in Scrum – Part 1 – Release Planning

Two months ago, I was doing an agile practices review for one of our clients and I was surprised to see that despite his willingness to practice Scrum there was little understanding of it. Even if most of the people I’ve met in the agile community, experienced at least the Scrum certified course, I can see during debates that there is a major gap between how they perceive it and genuine Scrum. It is useless to remind that the lack of comprehension might do more harm to the organization than before the ScrumBut, as described in my previous article Scrum requires a different mindset.

Suddenly all the important stuff we’ve been used to from the beginning of times disappeared and a strange mixture between the defined process control model (old approach) and the empirical

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ScrumDay 2012

I attended ScrumDay 2012, organized by the French Scrum User Group (French only), together with Cornel Fatulescu, Director of the Pentalog Institute. Despite the participation fee, I guess about 500 people took part in the conferences.

Personally, I have chosen the following conferences:

Scrum for business teams
The presentation was a feedback on the experience gained while implementing Scrum within a Marketing team whose members traditionally do not deal directly with the concepts of timebox and products as such. In any case, the conclusions reached before method deployment were similar to what we came across when dealing with IT projects: lack of understanding and communication, working in a permanent state of emergency and little priority management.
I firmly believe in Agile methods both for production teams and for business activities (beside

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IT offshore press review week 04/2012

2012 is set to be a year in which new opportunities start to rise for IT professionals. Let’s see what other subjects we have in the IT offshore press review this week. Enjoy!

- How to cope with HTML5′s dueling standards bodies (January 17, 2012, Computer World)
- Need an agile infrastructure? Do your homework (January 16, 2012, Computer World)
- Tips for Facebook Timeline apps: Beware what you share (January 21, 2012, IT World)
- Wall Street Beat: Enterprise spending helps mixed quarter for tech (January 20, 2012, IT World)
- Public sector IT staff sees largest cut in 25 years (January 19, 2012, Computer Weekly)
- Four key trends in business analytics in 2012 (January 17, 2012, Computer Weekly)
- Innovation’s dirty little secret (January 17, 2012, Computer Weekly)
- The cloud

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Scrum requires a different mindset

“I had difficulties respecting deadlines and products were flooded with defects and bugs, which made it even more difficult when accepting changes required by the customer until I decided we have to step into agile world! In Scrum they accept changes diminishing impact because there is no document to update. The team is self-organizing and more responsible so we will have fewer defects in the end. Traditional development models are no longer sufficient or effective.
6 months after software manufacturing with Scrum, we understood that all this was just good advertising and worst results were just about to come!”

Does this desperate message sound familiar? Yes, too familiar! As a CTO at Pentalog I had the opportunity to meet potential clients with similar problems: “we’ve done Scrum but it doesn’t work for us, so we

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