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Developing for Android requires more testing than for iOS!

As I pointed out in my previous article, the need to be actively present on the mobile market is more than obvious. In the United States, Android continues to make progress with 51.7% on the American smartphone sales market (according to Kantar Wordpanel Comtech) compared to 41.4% registered by iOS and 5.6% by Windows. This difference is even more striking at European level with 70.4% of Android smartphones (also according to Kantar Wordpanel ComTech).

In 2013, Android runs on 867 million devices across all platforms (Smartphones and tablets), and it is expected to reach 1 billion in 2014. Given such figures, it becomes almost mandatory to create or port your application to Android.

These devices are created under many different models. They vary in display size, processing power, communication capabilities

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Why develop an iOS App?

This question comes up very often in the discussions with our prospects and clients: why develop an iOS App?

Simply put, because the need to be actively present on the mobile market (smartphones and tablets) is more than obvious: in 2014, the number of mobile users will exceed the number of stationary Internet users.

On the one hand, we are faced to the increasing popularity of the Android OS on the smartphones and tablets market. On the other hand, communication networks are constantly being improved and practically enable permanent Internet connection (with a varying connection quality). In this context, users tend to privilege mobile sites over native Apps, so this is a fair question to ask.

Developing a native iOS App is less expensive than developing an Android App (from 10 to

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The MWC 2012 Conference – A vision of 2022

The third day of the conference was chaired by Paul Lee, one of Deloitte‘s R&D managers.
The conference speakers were:
- John Donovan, from AT&T
- Erik Kruse, Ericsson’s R&D manager

John got the ball rolling for AT&T’s future in mobility. Nothing new compared to yesterday’s presentation (see my previous post here). Two major points on which John particularly insisted come to my mind:
- Networking of intelligence: AT&T manages a huge amount of Data (Big Data), including personal data as well as anonymous data. AT&T wants to interconnect the cloud with services (such as health services for instance) to provide new generation mobile services (a doctor can provide remote assistance).
- Security is among the main concerns of AT&T. The user must be allowed to choose whether or not to share

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Mobile World Congress 2012 Conference – How to develop the Apps of the future?

This conference was animated by Tim Green from Mobile Entertainment. The speakers were:
- Jon Summers, SVP, App & SVC Services, AT&T
- Scott Jenson, Creative Director, Frog
- Peter Broekroelofs, CTO & Co-Founder, Service2Media
- Safdar Mustafa, Head of Mobile Media, Al Jazeera
- Hoojong Kim, SVP, Global Technology Research Institute, SK Telecom

It was Jon Summer from AT&T who started the debates. For him, change must come from the complexity of tools, platforms, languages, protocols, as well as from data sources that the developers have to manage. All this must be simplified. AT&T has opened its network through a programme (WAC) for developing Cloud, with the aim of providing API/platforms to help developers, and to improve the collaboration with other telecommunication operators. This opening is surrounded by HTML5, by the

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Mobile World Congress: Android, Samsung, Huawei, HTC

With Apple missing, the whole community of manufacturers , as well as Google with Android, went all out to display their products. In particular, the Android stand has everything it needs to seduce geeks including an invasion of green little men, a moving belt displaying 300 devices using Android, a special corner for gamers and a … toboggan.

As for manufacturers, Samsung has, in my opinion, the largest stand in the showroom with a special place for presenting Galaxy Notes. Thus, the stand looks somehow like Montmartre with dozens of draftsmen commissioned by Samsung in order to caricature the visitors using the Photoshop application and the associated stylus. Great public success.

On that note, I took advantage of the presence of Nicolas Latte, designer in Barcelona, to ask him to test the

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IT offshore press review week 05/2012

Enjoy the IT offshore press review!

- Green IT: In search of an energy yardstick (January 30, 2012, Computer World)
- Twitter’s country-specific blocking brings hazards and hope (January 27, 2012, Computer World)
- Facebook IPO could come next week (January 27, 2012, Computer World)
- Indian IT giant to create thousands of European jobs (January 30, 2012, Computer Weekly)
- Neelie Kroes calls for speedy EU uptake of cloud computing (January 27, 2012, Computer Weekly)
- FBI to monitor Facebook, Twitter, Myspace (January 29, 2012, ZDNet)
- Why you can’t afford to resist the cloud (January 27, 2012, ZDNet)
- How to Document Cloud Design Decisions (January 26, 2012, CIO)
- The Top 10 H-1B Visa Users in the U.S. (January 27, 2012, CIO)
- Deutsche Wirtschaft startet mit Elan ins neue Jahr

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IT offshore press review week 45/2011

E-financing, geolocation marketing, mobility, M2M.. just a few of the subjects of this week’s IT offshore press review. Enjoy!

- E-financing : a new market on the shoulders of e-invoicing (November 7, 2011, CFO News)
- The Benefits Of Geolocation Marketing (November 7, 2011, Forbes)
- Apple To Make Billions On Google’s Android (November 4, 2011, Forbes)
- Wi-Fi tethering 101: Use a smartphone as a mobile hotspot (November 4, 2011, Computer World)
- Is the offshore contact centre honeymoon over? (October 31, 2011, Computer Weekly)
- Does Oracle’s Larry Ellison care about open source and Java? (November 6, 2011, Computer Weekly)
- IT operations in Malaysia could offer the near China experience (November 4, 2011, Computer Weekly)
- Mobile Goes Data Mad (November 7, 2011, Computer Weekly)
- Android handsets

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A morning in a fruit basket

On Thursday, 13th October, I attended a seminar organized by Orange (the first fruit) on the topic of integrating Apple (second fruit) devices in company activities. I should thank Pierre for his play on words.

About a hundred people showed up the following day of the release of iOS5 in a large conference room at a hotel in Orléans, the seating capacity of which seemed insufficient. One could notice the eagerness of participants, but we weren’t at a keynote.

It is not often that Apple addresses business representatives. This French tour organized by Orange couldn’t be missed. The following presentations were included in the program:

- iPhone & business enterprise
- iPhone application development through the presentation of an Orange subsidiary
- information technology package: Orange’s VDI solution
- BI solution for iPhone/iPad

iOS &

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