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Pentalog acquires a stake in Soluti to extend its offer in the Rhône Valley

Pentalog has been Soluti’s reference partner since day one. The WebTech agency has entrusted us with front end, back end and mobile coding operations for their clients. 10 Pentaloguians are already working full-time for developing our partner’s operations on a daily basis.

Alexander Vallin, the founder of Soluti, and I know and appreciate each other since a long time ago. Our decision to extend Pentalog’s offer in the Rhône-Alpes region was thus a natural outcome. The 3 brands and service lines offered by the Pentalog Group can now be further deployed by Alexandre and his team:

Pentalog Institute, the Group’s IT consulting and digital strategy department, offers solutions to support and finance innovation (fundraising + public schemes).

Pentalabbs, our startup incubator and accelerator.

- Pentalog, specialized in application

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How does digital transformation impact the companies’ strategy?

Almost all SMEs directors agree that the companies’ digital transformation has become crucial. Reality shows however that SMEs act as rabbits in front of a truck: they freeze!

When McKinsey’s research on acceleration towards digital maturity shows a 20% reduction in the number of operations for the companies that did not manage to adapt to digitization and an increase by 40% for those that did, it’s more than obvious that choosing sides becomes the no. 1 priority.

Whom to transform for?

The common mistake is not to ask when, because everybody has already understood it has to be immediately, but to say: “Quick, I need a website, a shop, we need a Facebook page, etc.”. The term “digital” can be very confusing in this transformation message. What we have to do is organize a

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Cloud computing and digital transformation

For almost 10 years now, Cloud Computing has become a common word for all the people working in the IT industry. Looking back at the growth this activity has registered, we can surely confirm its progress. Nevertheless, the Eldorado promised by analysts is most certainly not here yet. What are the main restraints? What about perspectives?

Forced outsourcing

Rarely in the IT outsourcing history has an operation been so “forced” as Cloud Computing. Cost reduction, shadow IT decrease, robustness, pay for use, reinforced security… All the arguments were in favor of a massive participation, minus the market. This didn’t work for many reasons, making the Big Bang impossible. The instinctual reaction is: “If you force me, I counter”. And the inevitable question is why change an IT world that already works? Only when the

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Internet of Things: 100 Pentalog engineers involved daily in smart object and M2M projects

While recently discussing with Mickael Hiver, we have realized that the number of Pentaguys working on systems involving one or various connected objects is skyrocketing. From energy, cleantech and health to automation, digital leisure or security, there’s nothing we cannot do! Whether the focus lies on BtoC models (IoT) or on BtoB models and M2M, I want to insist on Pentalog’s increased contribution to the global digiwar. This first article is a pitch but it will be followed by many others, either by me or other consultants, which will contain many more technical and business details. For the time being, I will sum up our activities in a much debated sector.

Energy, cleantech, BtoB markets – (our projects are predominantly M2M rather than IoT projects)
Staff: 60 engineers

In 2005, Pentalog

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2013 Year in review

I think it’s high time we had a brief transparent 2013 overview in a plain language.

The consultancy and outsourcing services in digital strategy

As anticipated, 2013 has been a very difficult year. I will no longer insist on the issues we have already debated in January and February. Two weak points would be the activity of the Pentalog-Ausy joint venture – whose sales department is not managed by us and whose most important contract registered a 75% loss (although we had equally signed a contract with the global semiconductor sales leader) – and the one of Pentalog Germany, which registered a less predictable slowdown.

Nevertheless, these two counter-performances have been magnificently absorbed by the French and US markets. The former alone has brought us a 20% growth increase during a gloomy year and

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Pentalog is the world’s no.1 startup incubator!

When reading the article headline I’m pretty much sure most of you will be thinking that Boston and its lobsters swept me off my feet and consider me a day dreamer who would better return to his Château des Hauts in France before losing his marbles. But I will stick to my guns writing this article. I will nevertheless not go further than this as other companies must probably have taken the same path and exceeded our operations in volume. I really have been thinking it through and discussing with specialists: over the years, Pentalog has become the world’s no. 1 startup incubator! And I am just about to tell you why. One of Boston’s finest experts in charge of conducting one of the world’s biggest startup competitions shares my view, as well as

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Start-up incentives for innovating companies

On March 21st I took part in États Généraux du Cloud organised by EuroCloud France association. It was a truly dynamic day with rich exchanges during the workshops, quality participants and companies that really deserved their prizes.

During this event, Ms Laure de la Raudière, MP (UMP) has made an interesting intervention talking about her vision of the digital economy where cloud has definitely a significant place.

The participants have largely admitted that the innovation and research & development start-up incentives are, in France, well implemented and truly valuable. In addition, emphasis was put on the improvement of OSEO practices.

We received from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research the renewal of our R&D tax credit accreditation for 2012-2014. This enables our customers to integrate part of

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Relocation, tax spoliation… just of few thoughts concerning the demagogues from all walks of life

In these election times, in France as well as in the USA, this is a popular word. Easy to use and definitely catchy, it reconciles the extreme left, the extreme right, the extreme center and the elderly. It works almost on its own! There is a risk involved, meaning the potential for a lot of foolish economic decisions, but in general politicians and journalists tend not to care about it.

For example, we systematically forget to say that, when an Indian company orders 127 Airbus planes (which will bring 10 billion to the South-West of France and Northern Germany), this happens because there are more and more Indians who can fly due to earning higher incomes. Of course we want to sell these Airbus planes to them! But it would be even better if the

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The MWC 2012 Conference – A vision of 2022 (second part)

The conference continued on the vision of 2022 (see my previous post here) by presenting several companies and their innovative solutions. Paul Lee (Deloitte), the chairman of this conference, has asked us for a vote in order to see which of these innovative solutions epitomizes the future:
- EarSmart: enables an object to hear (even in an extreme sound environment). They believe that, in 2022, the voice will be more useful than at the present day. In order to achieve that, the sound quality and voice capture must be improved not only for mobile devices but also for vocal translators and even for social networks. Companies such as Skype, HD voice, Apple (with Siri) and FaceBook set technology trends through (because of) their users. For this purpose, the communication

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The MWC 2012 Conference – A vision of 2022

The third day of the conference was chaired by Paul Lee, one of Deloitte‘s R&D managers.
The conference speakers were:
- John Donovan, from AT&T
- Erik Kruse, Ericsson’s R&D manager

John got the ball rolling for AT&T’s future in mobility. Nothing new compared to yesterday’s presentation (see my previous post here). Two major points on which John particularly insisted come to my mind:
- Networking of intelligence: AT&T manages a huge amount of Data (Big Data), including personal data as well as anonymous data. AT&T wants to interconnect the cloud with services (such as health services for instance) to provide new generation mobile services (a doctor can provide remote assistance).
- Security is among the main concerns of AT&T. The user must be allowed to choose whether or not to share

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MWC 2012 Conference: How Apps have changed our lives

It was in front of a packed audience that Scott Ellison (IDC) started the conference on how mobile applications will change our lives.
Even before starting, I am personally convinced of it: it is our everyday reality, as, like many others, I am “connected”. I regularly check my social networks and e-mails via dedicated apps. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am in favor of further mobility development, beyond simply supplying apps one has on the PC. Facebook is heading in this direction by establishing a partnership with many worldwide mobile operators to simplify the confirmation of account creation or access validation to a service. In order to achieve this, FB is going to skip the e-mail confirmation stage; this operation is going to take place via the equipment and mobile

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Embedded in the past, present and future

In the past, embedded meant designing circuit boards allowing to achieve one or two functionalities.
Nowadays, it means allowing modules having one or two functionalities to work together in an ever smaller and ever more intelligent device.
In the future, it will be about ensuring that the whole of these devices work properly at the right time.
Let’s take for instance something that we use every day: the mobile phone.
In the past, your mobile phone, or rather your portable phone because of the weight of some 8Watts, allowed you to make calls. For this purpose, it had a keypad, a screen, a battery and a GSM card.
Nowadays, besides making calls, your phone, or rather your smartphone, allows your to browse the internet, to take photos, to manage your calendar, to locate yourself (or

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