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Project management seminar held in Iasi, Romania: ideas just burst out!

We may say that ideas really burst out last Friday and Saturday during the project management seminar held in Iasi, Romania.

Thanks to the presence of 5 members of the Pentalog Management Board (Frédéric Lasnier, Monica Jiman, Eric Gouin, Aleth Delcenserie, Manuel Damian), the participation of 7 project managers (Alex Arapan, Dan Avram, Razvan Brinzila, Mihai Burlac, Dan-Cristian Iftimi, Vasile Putina, Ion Vasilov), 1 project director (Ludovic Bavouzet), the technical director of the Pentalog Institute (Cornel Fatulescu) and 4 delivery center managers (Mihai Bejenariu, Serghei Goloborodico, Cristian Neghina, Pierre Pichot) we were able, after rich and animated discussions, to draw a pragmatic action plan well rooted to solve our field issues.

Some of the decisions made are as follows:

  • Ensure greater involvement of experienced project managers, specialized in

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Germany: plenty of jobs!

Two pieces of news published in the German mass media cause certain discomfort, especially against a gloomy economic backdrop where Greece and Spain are going towards an incredible unemployment rate of 27.5%!

  • The building of the German “employment center” will soon be made available for rent, so there’s no longer any need to invest in its maintenance  (= zu vermieten)!
  • All the German employment centers will dismiss 10,000 employees in the near future… simply because there will be no unemployed persons!   

But let’s decode a little bit this news, which may seem strange at least for people from Southern Europe, where the unemployment rate reaches a peak in almost all the countries, from Portugal to Greece, right through Spain, Italy and even France:

The German baby-boomers are massively leaving their current working places.

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Shortage of IT specialists in Germany? Romania is a genuine alternative!

According to a poll conducted by the German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunication and New Media (BITKOM), the number of vacant jobs for IT experts in Germany has gone up by 13% in 2012. Even if the Labour Office did not confirm this trend for the entire IT sector in its January 2013 analysis, it holds true for the software development sector.

How can companies cover their own needs until the measures taken, like internal training programmes for instance, become effective?

In this general context of ever-increasing cost pressure, outsourcing development activities to Romania, also known as “nearshoring”, is a highly attractive solution.

For Germans, Romania still is a mostly unknown country. This is no longer the case in France, for instance, due to the similarities between the two languages. This

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IT offshore press review week 22/2012

It’s a new week, it’s a new IT offshore press review!

- Massive Layoffs at HP Make for IT Outsourcing Identity Crisis (May 24, 2012, CIO)
- Panel: Future CIOs Will have Careers Blending Non-Tech Roles with Traditional IT Duties (May 23, 2012, CIO)
- Japan robot lab readies second prototype for work at crippled nuclear reactor (May 25, 2012, Computer world)
- Why utility is the new ROI for IT projects (May 25, 2012, Computer weekly)
- Spinning off IT dept makes biz sense, but carries risk (May 24, 2012, ZDNet Asia)
- 10 Skills, die CIOs brauchen (May 27, 2012, Computer woche)
- Vier Tipps für den erfolgreichen Einsatz von Cloud Services (May 25, 2012, IT Business)

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IT offshore press review week 15/2012

We hope you’ll enjoy the new IT offshore press review. A bunch of very interesting subjects this week.

- Emerging software tools help boost IT spending projections (April 6, 2012, Computer world)
- Indian IT firms are heading for a fall (April 6, 2012, Computer world)
- Creating culture of IT innovation includes rewarding failure (April 6, 2012, Computer world)
- Startups don’t need a programmer but a technical co-founder (April 5, 2012, IT World)
- Cloud apps, big data and the wisdom of swarms (April 6, 2012, ZDNet)
- The I.T. Factor: 21st Century Tools for Efficient Collaboration (April 4, 2012, ZDNet)
- China’s rise in tech brings global tension (April 3, 2012, ZDNet Asia)
- VMware sees competition beyond virtualization (April 5, 2012, ZDNet Asia)
- Creating Culture of IT Innovation Includes

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Annual report 2011

Pentalog releases information about the year 2011 regarding its sales figure, manpower, new customers, current projects…

- 26% growth in sales figure, under Pentalog brand, while Syntec federation records only 3.6% (software, services and IT consulting).

- 35% growth not including the joint venture with Ausy group, which recorded 19% growth.

- Over 35% growth in sales figure, including the contributions of PentaLabbs , within Pentalog’s incubation program.

- 3 new companies have joined Pentalabbs in 2011: Easyflyer (1 out of 5 French leaders in online printing), a business bank specialized in IT, Web IT Factory; the overall sales figure of the incubated companies has increased by 200%; Pentalabbs already backs up 5 start-ups.

- Sales of our services in 9 countries, for a presence in 6 countries and a sales force in 3 countries.

- No 2 in IT services in Romania.

- No 1 of the French-speaking

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Annual report 2011

Pentalog releases information about the year 2011 regarding its sales figure, manpower, new customers, current projects…
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IT offshore press review week 02/2012

Welcome to the IT offshore press review. I think we should start with this question: do we really need new programming languages? Have you heard of Dart, Ceylon, Go, #F, Opa, Fantom or Zimbu? It’s just like people are trying to reinvent the wheel. But let’s see what are these new languages and then we will continue with our other subjects. Enjoy!

- 10 programming languages that could shake up IT (January 3, 2012, IT World)
- Bart Perkins: Is social connectivity friend or foe to corporations? (January 6, 2012, Computer World)
- UK IT professionals face nearshore competition (January 6, 2012, Computer Weekly)
- Gartner: Enterprise software spending to rise by 6.4% in 2012 (January 5, 2012, Computer Weekly)
- IT industry attacks plans to ditch GCSE work experience (January 6, 2012, Computer

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Scrum requires a different mindset

“I had difficulties respecting deadlines and products were flooded with defects and bugs, which made it even more difficult when accepting changes required by the customer until I decided we have to step into agile world! In Scrum they accept changes diminishing impact because there is no document to update. The team is self-organizing and more responsible so we will have fewer defects in the end. Traditional development models are no longer sufficient or effective.
6 months after software manufacturing with Scrum, we understood that all this was just good advertising and worst results were just about to come!”

Does this desperate message sound familiar? Yes, too familiar! As a CTO at Pentalog I had the opportunity to meet potential clients with similar problems: “we’ve done Scrum but it doesn’t work for us, so we

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