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Solutions Connect Day

On the occasion of the Solutions Connect event this fall, IBM presented the situation and trends of a fast developing market. I have already tackled these trends in a former article (The new SMAC!), reflections that have been confirmed on this Solutions Connect day. This new article is about maintaining the SMACS by adding the Security dimension to Social-Mobile-Analytics-Cloud.

Conference choice

It is always difficult to decide what conference to attend when having to choose from among 7 different fields. My choices were as follows:

  • Social Business: Why adopt a social and digital strategy for your company?
  • Big Data: Identifying fraud actions in an ocean of data. Where to start from?
  • Mobile: How will the Internet of Things revolutionise company business?
  • Cloud: Open Cloud Bluemix, the fast evolving PaaS.
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The new SMAC!

It’s such a wonderful era that we live in and things go so fast! From public and personal information to information use and digital consumption anywhere and anytime, the conclusion is more than obvious: the unity of time, place and action does no longer correspond to professional or even personal practices. An acronym starts to impose itself under the umbrella of the 4 basic features of these (modern) services – SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud).

At a closer look, each of these terms encompasses several hidden meanings:

  • Social: the service is collaborative, communicative, shared, open
  • Mobile: the service may be used anywhere and from any type of terminal or convergent device
  • Analytics: the service stores detailed information to obtain added value in real-time (or afterwards)
  • Cloud: the service is flexible, scalable, secured, paid-per-use, and
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Digitization: a global war (Pentalog strategy)

After 8 months of personal involvement in downtown Cambridge, at a stone’s throw away from MIT, in one of the biggest startup incubators in the world, and after having passionate conversations with entrepreneurs from ten countries, 7 days a week, I would like to draw my conclusions on the unprecedented movement of digitalization that is shaking up the world and might as well make investors lose their minds, deeply disturb governments and ruin industrial empires that seemed untouchable some years ago. How reassuring it would be to think that there is a financial bubble behind all this! As there’s no such thing, let’s better guess what Pentalog strategy could take advantage of all this in a context that I find quite violent.

Small context reminders: as Nicolas Colin and the other associates of The Family

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IT offshore press review week 12/2012

Mobility, Cloud computing, IT Budgets and IT Hiring. These are just a few of the subjects in today’s IT Offshore press review! Come and join us on Facebook!

- Expanded IT trade pact would bring huge benefits, study says (March 15, 2012, Computer World)
- IBM moves UK drivers’ private data offshore to datacentre in India (March 19, 2012, Computer Weekly)
- IT managers take on more responsibilities with increased job security (March 15, 2012, Computer Weekly)
- Yahoo to sue Facebook in patent dispute (March 13, 2012, Computer Weekly)
- The 100 Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors Of 2012 (March 15, 2012, CRN)
- Sunday rant: social business? I’m still not buying it (March 18, 2012, ZDNet)
- IT Priorities: 2012 budgets solid; Mobility, price haggling rule (March 19, 2012, ZDNet)

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The MWC 2012 Conference – A vision of 2022 (second part)

The conference continued on the vision of 2022 (see my previous post here) by presenting several companies and their innovative solutions. Paul Lee (Deloitte), the chairman of this conference, has asked us for a vote in order to see which of these innovative solutions epitomizes the future:
- EarSmart: enables an object to hear (even in an extreme sound environment). They believe that, in 2022, the voice will be more useful than at the present day. In order to achieve that, the sound quality and voice capture must be improved not only for mobile devices but also for vocal translators and even for social networks. Companies such as Skype, HD voice, Apple (with Siri) and FaceBook set technology trends through (because of) their users. For this purpose, the communication

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The MWC 2012 Conference – A vision of 2022

The third day of the conference was chaired by Paul Lee, one of Deloitte‘s R&D managers.
The conference speakers were:
- John Donovan, from AT&T
- Erik Kruse, Ericsson’s R&D manager

John got the ball rolling for AT&T’s future in mobility. Nothing new compared to yesterday’s presentation (see my previous post here). Two major points on which John particularly insisted come to my mind:
- Networking of intelligence: AT&T manages a huge amount of Data (Big Data), including personal data as well as anonymous data. AT&T wants to interconnect the cloud with services (such as health services for instance) to provide new generation mobile services (a doctor can provide remote assistance).
- Security is among the main concerns of AT&T. The user must be allowed to choose whether or not to share

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Mobile World Congress 2012 Conference – How to develop the Apps of the future?

This conference was animated by Tim Green from Mobile Entertainment. The speakers were:
- Jon Summers, SVP, App & SVC Services, AT&T
- Scott Jenson, Creative Director, Frog
- Peter Broekroelofs, CTO & Co-Founder, Service2Media
- Safdar Mustafa, Head of Mobile Media, Al Jazeera
- Hoojong Kim, SVP, Global Technology Research Institute, SK Telecom

It was Jon Summer from AT&T who started the debates. For him, change must come from the complexity of tools, platforms, languages, protocols, as well as from data sources that the developers have to manage. All this must be simplified. AT&T has opened its network through a programme (WAC) for developing Cloud, with the aim of providing API/platforms to help developers, and to improve the collaboration with other telecommunication operators. This opening is surrounded by HTML5, by the

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MWC Keynote – Eric Schimdt, Google Android

Tuesday at 6 p.m. took place one of the most expected keynotes of MWC 2012. Expected particularly due to the presence of Eric Schimdt, chairman at Google.

The presentation started with a little demonstration by Hugo Barra (Product Management Director, Android at Google: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/hugo-barra/0/59/833) on the Android related Chrome strength.

This integration has three goals:

- Providing a faster mobile browser
- Providing a clearer and simpler mobile browser
- Making the cloud more user-friendy

A small demo followed, first on a smartphone, to show Chrome‘s speed on mobile applications, then a functionality which enabled the user to easily zoom and click on a web page, as well as to view different sites open on the mobile through vertical tabs.

The last functionality relates to the cloud. Hugo

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Mobile World Congress: Android, Samsung, Huawei, HTC

With Apple missing, the whole community of manufacturers , as well as Google with Android, went all out to display their products. In particular, the Android stand has everything it needs to seduce geeks including an invasion of green little men, a moving belt displaying 300 devices using Android, a special corner for gamers and a … toboggan.

As for manufacturers, Samsung has, in my opinion, the largest stand in the showroom with a special place for presenting Galaxy Notes. Thus, the stand looks somehow like Montmartre with dozens of draftsmen commissioned by Samsung in order to caricature the visitors using the Photoshop application and the associated stylus. Great public success.

On that note, I took advantage of the presence of Nicolas Latte, designer in Barcelona, to ask him to test the

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MWC 2012 Conference: How Apps have changed our lives

It was in front of a packed audience that Scott Ellison (IDC) started the conference on how mobile applications will change our lives.
Even before starting, I am personally convinced of it: it is our everyday reality, as, like many others, I am “connected”. I regularly check my social networks and e-mails via dedicated apps. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am in favor of further mobility development, beyond simply supplying apps one has on the PC. Facebook is heading in this direction by establishing a partnership with many worldwide mobile operators to simplify the confirmation of account creation or access validation to a service. In order to achieve this, FB is going to skip the e-mail confirmation stage; this operation is going to take place via the equipment and mobile

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IT offshore press review week 09/2012

Word of the week: mobility. Today is the first day of Pentalog‘s first participation in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch!

- How mobile, BYOD and younger workers are reinventing IT (February 24, 2012, Computer world)
- Industry giants unite to launch new web-based smartphone tech (February 27, 2012, IT Pro)
- Heads of finance hate big-bang IT projects (February 24, 2012, Computer weekly)
- Your IT career: Making time for continuing education and career development (February 26, 2012, IT World)
- China’s software, IT services industry hits US$292B (February 27, 2012, ZDNet Asia)
- Developers say Android has room for improvement (February 27, 2012, ZDNet Asia)
- Where to Outsource to: Eastern Europe or Asia? (February 27, 2012, ITO News)
- Berechtigungen und

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Is Pentalog going to switch its mobile subscription to FREE?

Behind this title which is meant to be a trifle intriguing, I would like to tackle two current topics of interest. First, there is the buzz of the moment caused by the launch of offers by the French mobile network operator Free. Second, our contract signed with our current mobile operator (Orange) is coming to an end.

The first issue refers to the recent launch of the first mobile offer by Free. As you all know it, Free has created a buzz by putting forward a €19.99 offer including unlimited calls to 40 destinations, unlimited SMS/MMS and 3Go of fair-use (not unlimited, but still not bad at all), and a second offer at €2 consisting of 1h of calls and 60 SMS. One can really see the willingness of Free (together with its charismatic

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