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Is Pentalog practicing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)?

What is social responsibility and what makes it different from social innovation? What is Pentalog‘s standing in these matters? What is the meaning of these two notions on our different offices?

On the occasion of Spring Campus de Croissance Plus, that Monica and me attended last weekend in Evian, we met two specialists in the field, namely Perrine and Pierre, both founders of La 2ème Maison, a company specialised in this field and a supplier of the greatests references of CAC40, among which Lafarge and Danone.

Social responsibility is practiced beyond national legal constraints. Once you find yourself on the territory of two countries, the legal aspects of one can largely exceed those of the other. A perfectly unified corporate vision of CSR is not easy to achieve. Thus, there are two

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Loss of a customer, transparency… and strength of the company!

It is when we lose a big customer that I realize how much our policy makes sense. Indeed, we have just been informed that one of our biggest customers is leaving us, although they have been highly satisfied with our services for the past 4 years. Their decision is due to their internal policy approach. This blog cannot only be about conveying good news. That’s what happens sometimes with international giants. This is a 7 figure per year customer, representative for our success in the past 5 years. This is a hard blow, which may affect the growth forecast for 2012, as well as the margin. However, it is exactly in such moments that I feel the most the incredible strength of what we have built. Our margin policy, for instance, will be able without

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In 2012, Pentalog has a surprisingly good start of the year for offshore-neashore activities

The first weeks of 2012 have been very intense and do not seem anything like a regular start of the year. For instance, in January, production has not registered the slump to which IT services departments are so accustomed during this month when annual renewals are long coming. This year, January will be a month of high production. On the other hand, we are witnessing a high degree of anxiety in many clients. So, we are not envisaging the intense period of newbiz that we experienced in Q1 2011, even if we are expecting some confirmations to this effect. Also, several of our customers have lowered their business volumes with us. One has left us, a small-scale one though. Fortunately, this is not the attitude of the majority of our clients. Quite the contrary, our

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Is Pentalog going to switch its mobile subscription to FREE?

Behind this title which is meant to be a trifle intriguing, I would like to tackle two current topics of interest. First, there is the buzz of the moment caused by the launch of offers by the French mobile network operator Free. Second, our contract signed with our current mobile operator (Orange) is coming to an end.

The first issue refers to the recent launch of the first mobile offer by Free. As you all know it, Free has created a buzz by putting forward a €19.99 offer including unlimited calls to 40 destinations, unlimited SMS/MMS and 3Go of fair-use (not unlimited, but still not bad at all), and a second offer at €2 consisting of 1h of calls and 60 SMS. One can really see the willingness of Free (together with its charismatic

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IT offshore press review week 16/2011

In a “tech start-up” mood? Enjoy your reading!

- Kickstarter breathes life into tech start-ups (April 17, 2011, ZDNet)
- Indonesian tech startups pique investors (April 14, 2011, ZDNet Asia)
- Cloud changing face of data centers (April 18, 2011, ZDnet Asia)
- Don’t Buy Into the Cloud-Based Call Center–Yet (April 15, 2011, CIO)
- India Emerging As a Large BPO Market: Gartner (April 12, 2011, CIO)
- Risk Management in Cloud Computing (April 15, 2011, CIO)
- Case study: A smart city is a sustainable city (April 16, 2011, Computer weekly)
- Sieben Tipps für erfolgreiches Cloud Computing (April 18, 2011, Industrie Magazin)
- Kaum IT-Konsolidierung im Mittelstand (April 14, 2011, Automotive IT)
- Rekord-Nachfrage nach IT-Freiberuflern (April 13, 2011, CIO)
- Gute Noten für IT-Standort Schweiz (April 13, 2011, Inseide IT)
- So

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